Things Canadians never mention about USA side of Niagara Falls

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As we planned our short trip to Niagara falls last year just before the starting of autumn, every person we told started a discussion on how amazing the Canadian side view of the falls was, which made us unhappy until we actually visited it ourselves.  Setting up the itinerary towards “on the go” side of …

Things to do in Houston with Kids

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Houston is a popular landing spot for Desi’s whenever they visit USA, for it being densely populated with immigrants from all around the world. I found it pleasant in terms of climate, landscape and family-friendly atmosphere,  which made our two-week stay memorable while the kids enjoyed time visiting their granny. Here are a few attractions …

Best Toddler-Friendly Restaurants in Karachi

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Going through the phase of life where you have to chose between good food and dining out with peace is very difficult. Thanks to the rude auntie glares and couples rolling their eyes over the sound of babies in quiet restaurants.

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Food tour- List of must try foodstuff

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After driven into craziness of watching Master-chef Australia episodes, the gastronome inside me finally woke up. 25 years I reckon is not a good age to become a food lover, but I’m sure there’s nothing at all I can do about it ;). After Dubai’s visit back in 2012, Kuala Lumpur is the next divine spot …

How to Spend 3 Days in Langkawi, Malaysia with Kids

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As you enter into Langkawi airport you are handed over a tourist activity map. It shows you thousand attractions which makes you wonder whether it’s a small island or a heaven for exactly each and everything a person on a vacation is looking for. Whether it is a group of friends, young honeymoon couples or …