After being  100% captivated the whole day, week or even sometimes throughout months, when once in a blue moon you get a chance more by accident than by design to enjoy a movie all by yourself, you might want to choose from some of my favorite mommy/family/comedy movie list that can actually relate to your mommying life.

P.s do not insist your husband or anyone other than another mom to accompany you with this, they might ruin your laughing-sentimental reactions, or even leave you pissed off ultimately by going to sleep, since we’re living in a society where the partner’s manly ego is hurt if there’s a slightest hint of feminism in the movie.

Bad moms

My pick of the year was Bad moms, (which actually awakened a bad mom inside me which was held within for quite a while).
It’s about three under-appreciated moms who are pushed beyond their limits and eventually give up their social-family responsibilities and decide to live up a bit. The dialogues and situations are so much relate-able it was quite difficult to figure out whether to laugh or to cry.

Watch the trailer at:


Even if your’e not such a big fan of road trips and R.V kind of movies, you should give at least this one a try. The story is about when a busy dad makes an effort to reconnect with his teen sons and wife and takes them on a road trip, which is filled with all sorts of possible mishaps and unpredictable sequence of hilarious events.

Moms night out

Once again, Mom’s night out-pretty much explained by the title, is a story of three tired moms who decide to have a girls night out once in a lifetime and leave their kids with their dads, which leads to “the most predictable consequences”, i.e everything that could go wrong, goes wrong in real.

The single moms club

When five struggling single moms put aside their differences to form a support group, they find inspiration and laughter in their new sisterhood, and help each other overcome the obstacles that stand in their way.


Blended was just the perfect movie to picture an awesome family vacation. Shot in an African resort, it filmed the most amazing tourist activities and natural beauty of the continent, along with Adam Sandler’s humor which actually was good this time. It shows how two single parents go on a blind date, and accidentally are bound to live in one family suite at their vacation in Africa with their kids. Despite their guilt and fears of falling in love all over again with someone, they develop a unique friendly sort of relationship which later ends up in them amalgamating both the families to make a big happy family.

Date night

In New york city, a boring married couple makes an attempt to enjoy a romantic and glamorous evening, which is accidentally turned into something far more thrilling and adventurous after they take over a table at a busy fine dining restaurant which had been reserved for someone else.

Grown ups

When you are full of girly drama doze and are looking for some family fun stuff, Grown ups is a good movie for a time off.
5 high school friends reunite after a long time along with their families, and prove that it’s not always true that maturity comes with age.







Sex and the city 3

Also one of my favorites from the last decade, (P.S which is also making me feel a little older). Sequel to the previous parts, this one presents all 4 friends going through different stages of lives, and how they take a break from their typical routine and go off for a vacation in Abu Dhabi.



What to expect when you’re expecting

5 inter-connected women from different ages and statuses in life face thrills and surprises of becoming parents for the first time. Every one of them takes pregnancy in a different way, but ultimately all have some common pregnancy blues. The situations and dialogues are somehow emotions each one of you have gone through at some point in the process of giving birth, and the reactions from their partners are also something we are already aware of. So enjoy “what to expect when you’re expecting” even if you’re not actually expecting.

Life as we know it

Two single almost-enemies are forced to live with each other and raise a baby after the baby’s parents die in an accident and leave them being the God mother and father.

The other woman

Three women team up to take revenge from a cheating husband/ boyfriend. Leslie Mann’s acting is hilarious, and the story can give you ideas if you have any doubts about your partner’s loyalty.