With the spirit of Ramadan all around, it is necessary to engage kids in activities like prayer, sharing, and other acts of kindness to explain what Ramadan really is to children. While you are fasting, it becomes extremely difficult to facilitate children and think of new fun summer activities every other year. This is the time when engaging them in daily household chores is a great way to get some help as well as make them learn something useful instead of the useless screen time.

Here are some fun Ramadan activities for kids that we have planned for 2018 summer vacations because; firstly it is impossible to find a summer camp which accommodates both of our kid’s age groups, secondly it is hectic to pick and drop them while fasting in this scorching heat.

Helping Around the Table

Engaging children in the kitchen can very beneficial as part of their physical development. Mashing, mixing, kneading or even peeling fruits can be a fun summer activity. Take advantage of the best seasonal fruits and involve your kids in preparing juices, smoothies or maybe fruit popsicles for Iftaar and Sehri meals.

Moreover, Ramadan is an ideal time to teach your children table manners and encouraging them in taking some responsibility for lending a hand in the house chores.

Maintaining a Deeds Chart

To encourage children to perform good deeds that multiply in this holy month, make a chart and give them gold stars for each act of kindness they do the whole day. Post them on the fridge or in their room. This develops a sense of achievement and encourages them to do more.

To engage children in Ramadan activities, one must be patient. Keeping it as simple as passing a smile to a person passing by is also a Sadqah. This will teach the little ones the concept of Ramadan and encourage them to help people around.

Inspirational Muslim Figures Story Time

Another fun Ramadhan activity for the kids could be teaching them about the numerous inspirational figures of Islam starting from Hz Adam, Hz Ibrahim leading to The Holy Prophet (PBUH). You could read to them stories of the interesting events that occurred and lessons learned in the lifetime of the many prophets of Islam. This would be a great inspiration to the kids and would add on to the productive summer activities. Some quality publishers of Islamic books are Darussalam and Good word available in Pakistan. Good word not only provides Islamic books but many other activities like flash cards and building blocks.

Goodword islamic books for kids
Goodword Islamic books for kids

DIY Bird Feeder

Ramzan is all about instilling a sense of sympathy towards other creatures of Allah. With the summer heat and feeling of thirst and hunger, another fun summer activity for kids comes to mind i.e. DIY crafting bird feeders would be a wonderful Ramadhan activity. It will teach them the concept of caring for other creatures. You could also link this with the record charts by getting your little ones to fill these feeders daily as part of a Sadqah.

DIY Rosary, Bookmark and Quran Case

Ramadan for adults is mostly about prayer and reciting the Holy book. To make this interesting and turn it into a summer activity for kid, involve your little ones in making DIY Quran covers using beads or cutouts of different sheets or any material they like.  To associate fun with productivity they could make their own bead counter (Tazbeeh). You could make the children count up to 100 while stringing beads into a string and using it as a Rosary. To make it more creative and fun you could use different colored beads or your child’s favorite color. You could also get them to make their own bookmarks for Quran and decorate them as they wish to.

Kids DIY Quran bookmark
Kids DIY Quran bookmark
Ramadan activity for kids DIY Quran bookmark
Ramadan activity for kids DIY Quran bookmark

Plant Saplings

Ramadan for kids who fast can be very difficult due to the heat but it does make them realize that they should contribute to help the environment. To help the environment you should encourage them to plant new saplings and teach them about the environment and how this little deed could benefit the society later.

Invite Neighbourhood Kids Over

To socialize and interact you could plan an iftaar party by inviting over the kids of the neighborhood which would be a fun activity. Make sure that the little one helps by setting the table or helping in the kitchen. Besides that, you could also make extra iftaari and get your little one to go around the neighborhood and spread some love. You could teach them the importance of neighbors in Islam which would be a productive yet fun activity.

Take them to Congregational Tarawih Prayers Once in a While

A congregation is the best example to teach your little ones about brotherhood and equality which makes it essential to take them out for congregational Taraweeh prayers once in a while. This would teach the little ones about the concept of Taraweeh and they will familiarize with masjid etiquette too.

Fill Up a Charity Jar for Making Eid Goodie Bags for Poor 

At the very beginning of Ramzan, encourage your kids to save money in a jar for the poor. To make this process of spreading happiness on Eid and even during Ramadan, prepare goodie bags using the money saved by the kids. Use transparent plastic bags and fill them up with biscuit packs, chocolates or small snacks. Fill them up in a bag and keep them in your car when you’re going out on Eid and give them out to the poor children to spread the love in this beautiful month of giving. This great Ramadan activity for the kids will teach them the concept of caring for others and spreading the love.

DIY Home Improvement Art Work for Eid

By the end of Ramadhan make sure you continue with these activities but to add variety and some more fun involves your kids in preparing for Eid. Involve them in getting the groceries or helping in cleaning the house. Another fun activity could be to create DIY Eid decorations like lanterns or hangings using origami. They could also make cards for close relatives and pack gifts for the poor.

Sort and Donate Some Belongings Because Sharing is Caring

Cleaning up the toy closet is a must do every summer. Make a bag of toys that the kids don’t play with anymore but are in good condition. Plan a visit with your kids to an orphanage or nearby day-care center to donate them.

Do comment in your kids’ favorite activities in Ramadan and summer, but make sure they are productive and are associated with some beneficial learning.

Happy Ramadan to all families out there. Hope you have a blessed one. 🙂