The Maldives, famous for water villas and clear shallow aqua waters has a lot more than just the beaches. These tiny islands are one of the few places on Earth that are loaded with sheer luxurious resorts along with the best hospitality service of the world.

Although a 3 day trip to the Maldives can cost you somewhat around 5 times the amount that you can spend on any other far eastern beach destination, each penny of the cost is worth spending. The breathtaking views from the seaplane above the atolls are priceless and leave every visitor awestruck for real. But for experiencing all that heavenly bliss, you gotta take the plunge!

Where to Stay in The Maldives and How to Get There

There are around 1200 atolls in the Maldives which consist an endless number of resorts to suit every kind of traveler’s budget and needs. If your sole purpose of choosing the Maldives for a honeymoon/vacation is their water villas, then you should filter your hotel search according to that. Also, the average nightly rent for a 5-star resort water villa starts from $500/night up to $2000/night. On the other hand, lagoon villas are for a quarter price for the same services and facilities except being on the shallow clear waters.

To get to your resort from Male, you’ve got to choose a seaplane transfer or ferry ride. Because seaplane transfer is an additional $500 something per person on an average, choosing a resort closer to Male is good for budget traveling.

We booked Medhufushi Island Resort from, on a half-board package (i.e. Breakfast and Dinner) which also included seaplane transfer from Male Airport. The seaplane experience was a real delight and the mesmerizing views were something I can still enjoy when I close my eyes.

maldives medhufishi island resort
maldives medhufushi island resort

Things to do in The Maldives – Suggested 3 Day Itinerary

Day 1 Explore Male

Since Male is a crowded small capital, you can find an excellent 5-star resort for under $150. To have a look at Maldivian culture and lifestyle, staying a night in Male is a great idea.

During the daytime, you can visit their rich seafood/fish market, try numerous delicious fresh fruits, take a Maldivian cuisine cooking class, buy lots of handicrafts or just roam around in the streets.


Day 2 Enjoy Your Resort

We’re warning you again, Maldives water villas are shit expensive, but priceless at the same time. Since you’re paying so much for the resort, reserve a complete day for idleness and relaxation. Here are some ideas to enjoy that luxury which you will miss for years after returning home:

  • Have a private romantic dinner on the beach
  • Book a couples massage in the spa as soon as you check in
  • Meditate and Yoga at the beach
  • Go kayaking with your partner. It’s fun learning to coordinate and row together
  • Dance with the locals while they perform at your dinner nights
  • Parasailing and Jetskis- Most resorts have multiple watersports facilities
  • Enjoy a cocktail in your private hot tub
  • Read your favorite book from the resort library
  • Play cards at the deck
medhufushi island resort
medhufushi island resort

Day 3 Take a Tour of the Ocean

Now that you’ve come this far in the middle of Indian ocean:

  • Get on a cruise to experience what deep ocean really is. The high tides are terrifying but the friendly dolphins make the journey joyful and memorable.
  • It’s impossible to visit the Maldives and not watch that picturesque coral reef. Even if you don’t know how to swim, get a life jacket, a snorkel and jump in.
  • If you still got some budget left, go on a sunset + dinner cruise in a fancy ferry.

Tips for Traveling to the Maldives on Honeymoon

  • Book half board meal plan and pack some light snacks for the daytime
  • A seaplane is expensive but worth it – the ferry ride to the far away islands is too long and tiring
  • Learn to swim before dreaming about the Maldives
  • Contact the hotel directly and bargain for a reasonable package
  • To save the cost of the seaplane, choose a resort that is closer to Male so that you can go by ferry

Are the Maldives Islands for Family?

Hell yes!
Although some resorts welcome honeymooners more than families, recently a lot of them have made efforts to welcome the couples again who were once their honeymooners and now have families. Here’s a great article for best family friendly hotels in the Maldives: