In the age of technology and gadgets, it is extremely challenging to keep the little ones away from screens for a long time. But as difficult it gets, it is equally important that kids are kept away from the spams, and dangers of the internet. As a mother of two myself, I prefer that the limited screen time they get regardless, it should be at least productive yet exciting.

Here is a list of the best educational Android apps that engage the kids through fun games and videos, but at the same time leave a constructive impact.

First Words by Baby TV

First words by baby tv app for little kids

This app is one of the best free android educational apps for younger kids. Baby TV is a well-known British channel for fun and educational programs, but it gets even better when the children get to play what they see on television themselves. First Words by Baby TV is one of those kid’s learning apps that provides a fun and colorful interface along with productive games to develop early learning skills in children. These kids learning games include:

  • Fun flashcards to introduce new words – enhances the child’s vocabulary.
  • Matching and sorting activities – develop mathematical skills and is a great exercise for memory.
  • Opportunity to learn names of fruits, animals and different objects – learning new nouns.

What makes this app unique amongst the numerous children’s learning apps, is that it features characters from the programs on Baby TV which makes it interesting for kids as they enjoy and learn together.

Noorani Qaida Arabic Alphabets

Best Arabic Noorani Qaida app for beginners

Out of a bunch of Arabic Qaida apps that we have tried over time, this one is just the best. It has detailed lessons of Noorani Qaida from scratch, with perfect Tajweed i.e. pronunciation.
It is so comprehensive in every aspect that you can easily get your child started with reading Quran at home in just a few months time. Also, it gives you a wonderful opportunity to learn Quranic Qirat with proper tajweed as well.

Learning Games by Baby TV

Another great free educational app available for children on Android is Learning Games by Baby TV. This is different from the previous one and is the best for 2-5-year-olds. Out of the many kids learning apps, this one provides numerous wonderful features, activities, and options. It has a child-friendly interface along with fun animations and sound effects and teaches different themes and concepts. The Fun Kids Learning Games app features include:

  • Matching and Sorting – Develops skills of one to one correspondence and early mathematical skills. Along with this, it strengthens memory at this early age.
  • Color identification – Development of identification skills and application in real life.
  • Clothing and Professions – Introduction to different clothing items. Introduction to different professions develops the idea of different people having different duties and responsibilities.
  • Fruits and Vegetables – Identification of different fruits and vegetables. Sense of healthy foods.
  • Flashcards for different objects – Pronunciation of different objects and knowing their purpose for real-life application.

The most differentiating feature of this app, out of the many free learning apps, is that it offers a large variety of kids learning games which keeps them engaged for hours. It has the best ways of introducing new concepts to kids and is available at the android app store for free.

Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen

Another one of my kids’ favorite learning apps is Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen. This one we love the most, mainly because of its vibrant colors and the fun interface. It is a great way to build up children’s vocabulary and help them learn spellings. Fun learning games include:

  • Building words – This introduces the opportunities to create various words with given letters.
  • Cut out and decorate alphabet shaped cookies – This makes learning alphabets fun as the kids create something themselves and it stays in their memory as a creation of their own.

Another interesting feature that makes this app one of the best educational Android apps is that it includes the characters of Sesame Street (Elmo and Cookie monster). These characters’ personalities are something that attracts children and makes learning fun.

Elmo Loves 123s

Elmo loves 123s, is one app out of the many free android educational apps for kids that focuses entirely on mathematical concepts. The mathematical concepts, skills, and numbers that are required in daily life are introduced in a fun and exciting way.  The list of interesting features and activities include:

  • Counting with fun characters – Introduces kids with the numbers and their pronunciations.
  • Tracing numbers with fingers – This exercise develops a muscle memory of how to write numbers and makes it easier for the children to write on paper.
  • Videos – fun and interesting way to learn about numbers and count along.
  • Solve puzzles – Puzzles are always a fun way to introduce mathematical skills to children and it gets better when the puzzles form a number. This also will engage the kids in a fun and constructive way.
  • Small games – These games help in fostering early mathematical skills.

This, in my opinion, is the best educational android app to introduce early mathematical concepts and skills in an exciting and interactive way.

Timmy’s Starting to Read

Best learning apps for kids – Timmy’s starting to read

This app is one created by the British Council and is all about learning the English language for little brains. The app offers various features for kids to enjoy as they learn new words and pronunciations. The different activities in the app include:

  • Matching pictures with words – This will develop a better understanding of the meaning of the word as pictures are the best way to fit into the memory.
  • Discover hidden objects and learn what they are called – Learning new words in an exciting way will motivate the kids to learn more and more.
  • Rewards- The children will also collect stickers and unlock new videos with progress which will develop a sense of achievement and would motivate them to do more.

This app is the perfect way for your child to learn the English language through fun activities, videos, and pictures.

Math Land

Math Land – best app for letting kids learn solve simple calculation problems

Math Land is another educational app that focuses on mathematical concepts and ways to solve small word problems. It has many interactive games where the child gets to solve various math sums to make their way into the next level. It offers a variety of games including all early mathematical concepts and skills such as:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Tables
  • Division
  • Comparisons

The app also includes videos that demonstrate concepts as those mentioned above. The app makes math fun and is a great way to polish their calculation skills.

Kids Urdu Qaida: Alphabets Learning App Offline

Best app to teach children Urdu language from scratch

This app is the perfect way to introduce and teach your kids the sounds, alphabets, and “huroof” of the Urdu Language. The app offers different activities such as:

  • Matching “huroof” with a word “lafz” that starts with it.
  • Matching words with pictures that show those words in illustration.
  • Learning the Urdu “Huroof” along with pronunciation, use, and words that begin with it.

The best part about this app is that it works even without internet and you don’t have to worry about a weak connection while out of the house. This is the best way for the kids to learn Urdu language.

Oxford Phonics

Oxford Phonics app for kids learning spellings and phonics

The app offers a variety of fun games, puzzles, and animations for children to easily understand and learn the English language. The app includes a 3 level course with a small certificate and trophy at the end to motivate and produce a sense of accomplishment amongst the children. The features of the app enable children to:

  • Learn new spellings and vocabulary in a fun way.
  • Understand the relation between letter and sounds.
  • Blend sounds together to read words.
  • Learn through games and interactive activities.

You can’t keep the kids of this generation away from the screen for long, however, what you can do is make that screen time productive and fun. Ditch Youtube and download these apps to introduce new concepts in an interactive way. Try out these best educational android apps and ensure a fun and happy learning for your little one.