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About Mariam – aka Guilty Mama on the Go!

Mariam Ahmed – a.k.a. Guilty Mama – A Muslim Family Vacation Planner & Travel Blogger

I’m Mariam Ahmed, a Pakistani wanderlust-er mother of two hyperactive kids. Trust me, they are not regular kids, which is why I and my husband are always exploring places to take them out for entertainment.
This is also why I started Guilty Mama On The Go, i.e. a Muslim-friendly family vacation blog for all sorts of families who love to travel. There I share my food stories, tales of traveling with kids, and mommy tips and guides especially made for planning a perfect Muslim family vacation all by yourself.

If you’re too one of those travel enthusiast parents who are constantly thinking of new ways to fit in a vacation in your routine, whenever given the tiniest opportunity, then Guilty Mama On The Go is here to help you do so.

Through my family-friendly travel guides and tips, I aim to make travel more accessible for millennial parents, especially Muslim families that are hesitant to travel the world with kids.

Stop worrying about finding Halal food, or about tackling your child’s tantrums in foreign lands.

Follow me on my journey and I promise to convince and prepare you to plan an unforgettable Muslim-friendly family vacation all by yourself very soon!

What Does Guilty Mama Post on Her Muslim Family Travel Blog?

  • Reviews of family-friendly hotels around the world
  • Reviews of Halal-friendly family restaurants
  • Sample itineraries for exploring places that suit halal family travel requirements
  • Recipes that kids love
  • Guides for planning halal family vacations
Muslim-Friendly Family Vacation Guides & Halal Travel Blog

Mariam Ahmed – Family Travel Blogger

What I Do

  • Create videos
  • Write articles
  • Prepare custom-made travel guides and sample itineraries for my audience
  • Take photos

Here Are a Few Ways We Can Collaborate:

  • You can post your articles as a guest writer for my blog.
  • I can write sponsored posts to promote your product/service.
  • I can review your property/service/product.
  • I can give you social media coverage on my channels: Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

And Here’s How You Can Contact Me: