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Top 10 Fun Things to Do in Houston with Kids |Texas Muslim-Friendly Family Vacation Guide

Houston is a popular landing spot for Desi’s whenever they visit the USA; for it being densely populated with immigrants from all around the world. Having some relatives living in Houston is a plus point for us desis, in terms of free accommodatio...

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7 Must Eat Foods in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2019 | Where to Find the Best Halal Asian Food of KL

Malaysia is undoubtedly the most Muslim-friendly country in Asia, where not only the food & travel facilities are halal, but hospitality is also excellent. We found Kuala Lumpur to be the second-best country in the world to enjoy a variety of ...

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Complete Langkawi Family Vacation Guide | 3-Day Langkawi Itinerary|Best Places to Visit in Malaysia with Kids

Malaysia is undoubtedly one of THE BEST Muslim & family-friendly countries in Asia to travel to with kids. Apart from the several things to do in the city of Kuala Lumpur, there is so much to do for families on the Langkawi island too. As you ...

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Hotel Review: Hyatt Regency Embarcadero Centre, San Francisco with Kids

Hotel Review: Hyatt Regency Embarcadero Centre is best for visiting San Francisco on a family vacation with kids. Comfortable, accessible, halal food nearby

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Review: Joie Twin Stroller | Best Double Buggy/Pushchair for Traveling with Two Kids

 At one point, we had more number of strollers than the number of kids in our home. Choosing the best stroller has been a quest since our first child was born almost 6 years ago. Every year we bought a new kind of stroller hoping it to be the...

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How to Make the Most out of Universal Studios Hollywood 1-Day General Admission Ticket with Kids

You might have heard about how awesome Universal Studios Hollywood actually is, but very few people complain about the high priced ticket. That is mostly because, after the trip, everyone is so awestruck by the amount of fun they had on their trip...

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9 Best Educational Android Apps for Kids Under 6 | My Children’s Favourite Learning Games

Check out our all-inclusive list of free educational android apps for kids that will make their screen time constructive. Learning games for little children.

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Flight Review: Why We Think United Airlines USA Is Not So Bad After All

They often say the first impression is the last impression, well, that may not always be true if you give it a second chance. We tried United, American and Delta airlines on our last trip in the US in September 2016 and found all three of them on ...

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Review: Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark Pattaya with Kids

Pattaya city, which is about a couple of hours outside Bangkok is one amazing place to be with kids. Forget all the rumors of nudity and sex trafficking you’ve previously heard about it, and go watch it yourself!One of the best attractions i...

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Flying on Aegean Airlines with Kids – Flight Review | Muslim Family Travel Blog

Aegean Airlines Review Air travel is one of the very few parts of traveling with kids that freaks me out. One airport or flight horror story is enough to give you travel anxiety for life. This is the reason why I, nearly never take the risk of boo...