Packing stuff for a day trip or for the whole vacation can be very tricky especially when you have kids. You forget one small thing and the day is ruined by cranky babies and your blabbering partner.

So here are a few diaper bag essentials that I double check every time to avoid such chaotic situations.

  1. Diapers – not just two or three, take at least 5-6 of them because you never know how long the day can be.
  2. Baby wipes – buy small packs, easier to put in a purse or small pockets.
  3. Water bottle – because every time I forget it, my baby finds a way to need it urgently, and then we have to pull over and waste 10 mins in buying just a bottle of water.
  4. Extra pair of clothes – actually 2 pairs for infants and one for toddlers.
  5. Handkerchief – keep them in a pocket which is accessible easily in situations of sneezing and God knows etc.
  6.  Extra pair of Socks
  7. A coloring or small storybook – for long journeys.
  8. Packet (lesser messy) snacks – our usual favorites are cookies and packet cake and sometimes even an apple saves the day.
  9. Formula/ dairy milk – small packet or powder milk container, trust me you must have it, outings become a lot easier.
  10. Hand sanitizer- hangable on the outer straps for quick access, because the kids never miss a chance to catch germs.

In a pouch

  1. Thermometer and basic meds – Anti Allergy and Pain Reliever
  2. Rash cream
  3. A few Q-tips
  4. Few Spirit swabs
  5. Baby Lotion/powder depending on weather condition.