Going through the phase of life where you have to chose between good food and dining out with peace is very difficult. Thanks to the rude auntie glares and couples rolling their eyes over the sound of babies in quiet restaurants.

So here are a few Karachi restaurants that serve good food with play places where your kids can enjoy and let you enjoy too! And most importantly have high-chairs for babies- in my books a restaurant is simply black-listed if they don’t have them.


1. Dua restaurant Highway

It may have taken a while to get to my mouth but I’ve found the best Lamb Chops in Karachi. Dua restaurant is a very old restaurant and might be famous in Lyari and Clifton area, but just recently I got the chance to dine at their Super Highway restaurant.

They make the best Peshawri karahi and the namkeen chops are really tender and full of flavor. Succulent Arabic boti is also a must try. Their menu is very limited but they know how to cook their meat with a perfect balance of spices and temperature.

The ambiance is not much attractive but at least they have a family sitting space, with “Takht” seating arrangement which adds to the highway dining experience. The food preparation time is around 20-25 mins, so if you’re starving (which you’re most likely to be after the long drive reaching there) then you can order Doodh patti before dinner which is also very refreshing and delicious, meanwhile you can take the kids to their play area which has around 3 different sizes of slides for all ages, a couple of swings, and which delighted my kids the most the little playful goats and lambs there.

The average meal cost goes up to 700/person approximately and the restaurant starts taking order just after sunset.

Overall it’s a great experience and recommended for small parties for desi BBQ fans.

2. Kolachi Do Darya

Kolachi doesn’t need much description, because of their mouthwatering wide-range menu. My top favorites from their menu are Paneer Reshmi Handi (chicken desi style with a white cheesy sauce), cheese and garlic naan, afghani boti and suleimani karahi.

Perfect ambiance, designed right beside the creek makes the dining experience even better. The best part (which counts the most when you’re with kids) is their quick meal serving service. You’re not even done with starters and the main course is there.

While the kids can enjoy on their swings and bouncing castle, you can enjoy their nachos or one of their fancy drinks that are on the menu. There’s a sitting space too right beside the swings so you don’t have to worry much.

Average meal cost can go up to rs. 1000, which is value for money for their scrumptious food and amazing ambiance.

3. California Pizza Bahadurabad

My husband never understands why I insist on going to this outlet over and over.
So here’s the reason (a) Just love their creamy thin crust pizzas, (b) LOVE their play place. Every time I go there the staff welcomes us so warmly, and even after repeated mess my kids create every time, they never say a word. Kids just love their crispy fries, malt cake and pizza of-course.

My favorites from their menu are beef lasagna and hot creamy pizza. Can’t get enough!

Average meal/ person – around rs. 700

4. Hardee’s

Hardee’s attracted a huge crowd of burger-lovers over the last few years all the way to North Nazimabad until recently some new local fast-food chains took over the market with taste and innovations. However, here’s the thing that still takes me and my family to Hardee’s often,

(a) Play Place- Once again their play area is ideal for toddlers, which makes my dining experience a thousand times convenient and enjoyable.

(b) Curly Fries- My kids are fascinated by the feel of curly fries, so that is one of the mentionable things on my list- lol

Average meal- rs. 700-800/person

5. Rangoli Arena

One of the best value-for-money great quality buffets available in Karachi. Ideal for parties, get-togethers and what not. The best parts

(a) You don’t have to wait for the food, it’s ready all the time, just go get seated and start eating. The least time you spend sitting at one table, the less cranky your kids will get. Plus they can enjoy the live music being played there and the busy environment makes it a great place if you have noisy kids, as nobody will be bothered much.

(b) You get free game passes for Arena recreational space which has options for the kids and adults both. My favorite is the soft-play which is an enclosure especially designed for toddlers with least possible points of getting hurt.

Buffet rate- rs. 1580/person