How much do you believe that a child is attracted towards things other than a “toy box”? It is human psychology that he is attracted towards things which are restricted to him. This is Curiosity. All the advancements you see around is due to curiosity. If the ‘need to know’ never existed than man would have never invented things starting from a wheel up to a super computer. So curiosity starts operating from the day we are born.

Kids are so curious to know what is inside a mom’s vanity case or a father’s tool box. They always feel attracted towards it and find ways and suitable time (when no one is around) to explore it. Their curiosity becomes headache sometimes for parents. This headache can be cured or at least controlled to some extent if parents set a unique toy box. This box can comprise of junk all around in a home which we usually throw away. But make sure that it does not include anything sharp or harmful.

Things to put in the Junk toy box

  • Old computer mouse
  • Lamp shade
  • Old CDs
  • Plastic plates and spoons
  • Empty boxes and tins
  • Wheels broken out of toy cars
  • Bottles caps
  • Old telephone
  • Damaged hands free
  • Empty body spray cans
  • Finished lipstick
  • Dried nail polish
  • Not in use blush-on brushes
  • Old markers
  • Old TV and AC remotes
  • Big buttons from old shirts (do not use small ones as they might want to swallow)
  • Broken stove knobs
  • Keys (if not in use and if the child has a sense not to eat or lick it)
  • Plastic photo frames
  • Magnets and something that attracts magnet
  • Zip from old clothes
  • Old cells/batteries and much more alike.

The special technique is not to give this toy box to children directly, instead of that put it somewhere which is high but reachable to kids. In this way they would think it is something useful so the curiosity level will increase and they will go for it.
You can DIY some old fruit wooden box for the purpose.