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Joyful Ramadan and summer activities for kids

10 Ways to Spend a Joyful Ramadan this Summer with Kids | Summer Activity Ideas 2018

With the spirit of Ramadan all around, it is necessary to engage kids in activities like prayer, sharing, and other acts of kindness to explain what Ramadan really is to children. While you are fasting, it becomes extremely difficult to facilitate children and think of new fun summer activities every other year. This is the…

DIY Stencil Wall-Art Tutorial | Is Your Kid’s Room Wall Missing Some Cool Art Work?

Let’s make kids room more exciting and attractive for them with this simple and easy DIY (do-it-yourself) stencil wall-art. All you need is: Adhesive spray Paper cutter Oil Paints Plastic sheet Permanent marker Sponge Directions: Trace out your favorite picture – outline only Cut it out carefully Spray adhesive on the back-side of it Stick…