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9 Best Educational Android Apps for Kids Under 6 | My Children’s Favourite Learning Games

Check out our all-inclusive list of free educational android apps for kids that will make their screen time constructive. Learning games for little children.

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10 Ways to Spend a Joyful Ramadan this Summer with Kids | Summer Activity Ideas 2018

With the spirit of Ramadan all around, it is necessary to engage kids in activities like prayer, sharing, and other acts of kindness to explain what Ramadan really is to children. While you are fasting, it becomes extremely difficult to facilitate...

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What’s Inside My Makeup Pouch – Mommy Edition

As a mom, getting your makeup done isn’t always as pretty as it looks. I’m pretty sure every mom can relate to doing their makeup in cars, bathroom stalls and even at parent-teacher meetings. That is why I prefer carrying the essentials in a small...

DIY Stencil Wall-Art Tutorial | Is Your Kid’s Room Wall Missing Some Cool Art Work?

Let’s make kids room more exciting and attractive for them with this simple and easy DIY (do-it-yourself) stencil wall-art. All you need is: Adhesive spray Paper cutter Oil Paints Plastic sheet Permanent marker Sponge Directions: Trace out y...

Happiness is Having a Nanny!

“Nanny “a word unknown to the Desi’s, is a status symbol in developed nations. Meanwhile for a desi mom to have a caretaker would mean she is incapable of motherhood and often gets to hear statements like: “Humny bhi tou chaar buchay baray kye hai...

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Best Baby Photographers in Karachi

There is no doubt in the fact that the unique beauty of a newborn baby’s delicate features stays for the first couple of months. With the advancement in digital photography, photo editing, and latest camera techniques, it has become possible to&nb... Pin it

4 Steps to Reclaim Your Bed – Tips to Make Your Little Ones Inhabit Kids Bedroom

It is surely the scariest idea for majority of desi parents to make their beloved little ones sleep in kids bedroom. These are the special parenting milestones when mom guilt kills them the most. When deep down inside, their hearts long for the lo...

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DIY Busy Toy Box Ideas That Your Kids Will Love

How much do you believe that a child is attracted towards things other than a “toy box”? It is human psychology that he is attracted towards things which are restricted to him. This is Curiosity. All the advancements you see around is ...

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Why MOMS Should Love MONDAYS!

Believe it or not, moms are the only creatures on Earth who should love Mondays. While the rest of human species mourn over their Monday blues, moms enjoy spending mornings with coffee in peace. No matter if it’s stay at home or a working mo...

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10 Free Things to Do on a Long Weekend with Kids

Long weekends with kids are boring if not planned in advance. Disturbed eating and napping schedules affect the regular school routine after 3-4 day holiday, so here are a few ideas for your upcoming long weekend to make them exciting without havi...