Greece vacation planning guides, sample itineraries, hotel reviews, park reviews, where to shop, where to find halal food in Athens + Santorini, things to do with kids, and lots more about visiting Greece with family.

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Greece Family Vacation Guide for Muslims

All You Need to Know About Planning a Muslim Family Holiday in Athens and Santorini – Things to Do, Where to Stay, Sample 5-Day Itinerary and Halal Travel Tips for Families I had always wanted to visit Greece ever since I watched the movie &...

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Alexander’s Boutique Hotel Oia Santorini – Hotel Review

I think that most of Europe’s fans would agree that European vacation is incomplete without exploring the beautiful islands of Aegean and the Mediterranean seas. Having said that, Greek islands in specific possess a unique attraction for tou...

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Santorini with kids- Yay or nay?

Not sure about the literal meaning of Santorini, but the sound of it brings a smile on my lips and a relaxing feeling every time. However, when you combine the words Santorini and Kids together, the impact totally changes to a question mark and a ...