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Things to do in Italy with kids, top tourist attractions, halal food guide, planning and tips, sample itinerary, and lots more about planning a Muslim-friendly family vacation in Italy.

Rome panoramic views from villa borghese

8 Days in Italy – Suggested Itinerary and Traveler Tips for Muslim Family/Couples/Solo Vacation

Since Italy and Netherlands are two comparatively easier countries for Pakistanis in terms of Schengen visa process; let me show you how you can plan an amazing vacation in Italy on your own. Whether you plan on traveling to Italy solo, with your partner or family, here’s a suggested itinerary for spending 8 days in…

Smooth Hotel Rome Termini Review

Smooth Hotel Rome Termini Hotel Review – Where to Stay in Rome with Kids

The idea of taking little kids to cities like Paris, Rome and New York sounds a bit daunting as these places do not have much to offer for them. Hotels in central locations are quite congested (not children friendly at all), located in crowded spaces and are of-course overpriced. However, if you are sure about…