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nyc skyline from brooklyn bridge

Best of NYC and Niagra Falls in Just One Week | 7 Day Suggested Itinerary and Cost Estimate for First Timers in New York City

Like we say in Pakistan, “Whoever hasn’t seen Lahore hasn’t seen anything” – Same goes for New York for a vacation in the United States. While planning a trip alongside the east coast of America, New York City should be on top of your bucket list, regardless of the kind of a person you are….

US vs Canadian Side of Niagara Falls – Which Is Better and Why

As we planned our short trip to Niagara falls last year just before the starting of autumn, every person we told started a discussion on how amazing the Canadian side view of the falls was, which made us unhappy until we actually visited it ourselves.  Setting up the itinerary towards “on the go” side of…