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Vacation Planning

This section is dedicated to the pre-vacation "planning and preparation" phase. Here we discuss and prepare guides on <strong>how to plan a Muslim friendly family vacation</strong> all by yourself. Whether it be checklists on <strong>“things to do before you travel”</strong>, <strong>“tips for first-time travelers international”</strong>, <strong>“holiday packing list & tips with kids”</strong> or <strong>“inspirations for the best countries to visit with kids”</strong> we have all covered here. Join us on our journey as we learn and share stories from our<strong> family holiday</strong> experiences, and <strong>halal</strong> <strong>travel tips & tricks</strong> traveling around the world with kids.

Free RT PCR COVID19 Test for Travellers Without Insurance in Houston: “Heal 360 Houston” Corona Testing Camp Review

Heal 360 Houston Review On our way back to Pakistan from Houston earlier this month, we got our free RT PCR tests done from Heal 360 Houston, which is an amazing drive-through facility for not only travellers, but for general public as well who don’t have medical insurance.It’s basically an outdoor camp setup by Heal…

Top 10 Fun Things to Do in Houston with Kids |Texas Muslim-Friendly Family Vacation Guide

Houston is a popular landing spot for Desi’s whenever they visit the USA; for it being densely populated with immigrants from all around the world. Having some relatives living in Houston is a plus point for us desis, in terms of free accommodation, however, if one wishes to go for hotels/rentals, then they are too…

how to spend 3 days in Langkawi with kids - Sky bridge

Complete Langkawi Family Vacation Guide | 3-Day Langkawi Itinerary|Best Places to Visit in Malaysia with Kids

Malaysia is undoubtedly one of THE BEST Muslim & family-friendly countries in Asia to travel to with kids. Apart from the several things to do in the city of Kuala Lumpur, there is so much to do for families on the Langkawi island too. As you enter Langkawi, you are handed over a tourist activity…

How to Make the Most out of Universal Studios Hollywood 1-Day General Admission Ticket with Kids

You might have heard about how awesome Universal Studios Hollywood actually is, but very few people complain about the high priced ticket. That is mostly because, after the trip, everyone is so awestruck by the amount of fun they had on their trip that they almost forget how much it really cost them. The worst…

How to Plan the Best Muslim Friendly Family Vacation in Thailand with Kids

Attention all readers: This post is only and only about planning an amazing, fun-filled family holiday in Thailand with kids. All the recommended places and tourist attractions revolve around the things that excite children the most. Of course, you can fit it some of your own must-see places to the list for your family vacation…

nyc skyline from brooklyn bridge

Best of NYC and Niagra Falls in Just One Week | 7 Day Suggested Itinerary and Cost Estimate for First Timers in New York City

Like we say in Pakistan, “Whoever hasn’t seen Lahore hasn’t seen anything” – Same goes for New York for a vacation in the United States. While planning a trip alongside the east coast of America, New York City should be on top of your bucket list, regardless of the kind of a person you are….

Rome panoramic views from villa borghese

8 Days in Italy – Suggested Itinerary and Traveler Tips for Muslim Family/Couples/Solo Vacation

Since Italy and Netherlands are two comparatively easier countries for Pakistanis in terms of Schengen visa process; let me show you how you can plan an amazing vacation in Italy on your own. Whether you plan on traveling to Italy solo, with your partner or family, here’s a suggested itinerary for spending 8 days in…