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Whats inside a moms makeup pouch

What’s Inside My Makeup Pouch – Mommy Edition

As a mom, getting your makeup done isn’t always as pretty as it looks. I’m pretty sure every mom can relate to doing their makeup in cars, bathroom stalls and even at parent-teacher meetings. That is why I prefer carrying the essentials in a small makeup pouch to look less hung-over. Some of the essentials…

Umrah with Toddlers

Umrah with Toddlers – Traveler Mom Tips and Tricks

Tips for Planning an Umrah Trip With Toddlers Thinking about Umrah with toddlers is quite exciting and frightening at the same time. Last month Almighty gave us the chance to visit the Holy cities of Mecca and Medina with our two toddlers. I felt quite fortunate to be blessed with such a great opportunity but…