Dealing with parenthood is awesome mostly, but it can be really difficult if you don’t get enough support and appreciation. Sometimes it can make you feel a complete douche bag, and the next moment it can make you the happiest person on Earth. So yeah, having mommy blues and mood swings is kind of justified in my world, only if others make efforts to make life easier.

Let’s think that you are completely unaware of the damage you are making to our (already) blown up minds, so here are a few dialogues that you might/might not be familiar with which would rather be good if kept from slipping out from your mouths so often.

1. “Well, I went through the same, or even worse, but I overcome it with time”








2. “Have u seen that xyz woman? she is handling work and home and kids so well, i salute her!”











3. “You should be grateful for everything, look at the ones who don’t have all these blessings”






4. “Umm…hasn’t your postpartum depression prolonged a bit too much? Shouldn’t it be gone by now?”








5. “What do u do all day?”






6. “Your negative attitude is sucking out the family’s happiness and blessings”








7. “Give me example of at least one woman around you who gets these kind of demands fulfilled?”








8. “What do u want?”







9. “I think you have dominated your thoughts way too much by reading about the matter more than enough”







10. “Concentrate on raising your kids, they should be a priority now, can you stop thinking about yourself for a while?”