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Smooth Hotel Rome Termini Hotel Review – Where to Stay in Rome with Kids

Smooth Hotel Rome Termini Hotel Review – Where to Stay in Rome with Kids

The idea of taking little kids to cities like Paris, Rome and New York sounds a bit daunting as these places do not have much to offer for them. Hotels in central locations are quite congested (not children friendly at all), located in crowded spaces and are of-course overpriced.

However, if you are sure about taking them along anyway, family friendly hotels are what you should be booking before planning anything else.

To make this task easy, here’s a review of our 3-nights stay in Smooth Hotel Rome Termini with our two toddlers.

Where to Stay in Rome With Family – Smooth Hotel Rome Termini


We chose this hotel majorly for the room size and because said it was child-friendly. Well, in tourist cities like Rome, family hotels mean:

  1. They have family rooms, that are comparatively and slightly bigger in size.
  2. They don’t scare away the kids, like most of the unwelcoming staff in “honeymoon kinda hotels” do – LOL.

Located on Via Palestro, Smooth Hotel Rome Termini is not too close, neither too far from most of Rome’s tourist attractions. This is the reason why we found it’s location perfect for us.

The best part being Republica Square is just a 10-minute pleasant walk away; i.e one of the central locations where you can easily find Big Bus Tours or public transport to any part of the city.

Also, Termini Train station is about 15 minutes walk from this hotel which is one of the biggest stations of Rome with a large number of connections. However, we didn’t need to use the train to commute, firstly to avoid the hassle of pushing a twin stroller in and out and secondly, all the attractions were quite near our hotel so we mostly walked or hailed cabs conveniently.

Villa Borghese, a beautiful historic park is also about 20mins walk from this hotel. On the way, you will come across a couple of market streets where you can shop beautiful Italian dresses too. If you’re with kids, Villa Borghese is a must visit to relax and enjoy picture-perfect views of Rome from above.

Smooth Hotel Rome Termini Review
Smooth Hotel Rome Termini Review

Value for Money

Our 3-nights stay in Smooth Hotel for a family room cost us for about € 500, which sounds expensive, especially when you convert in PKR. But, since it was July, the peak vacation season and the rest of the properties were priced even higher, this was the best, clean and family-friendly hotel we could find.

It is certainly not one of the cheap hotels in Rome, rather I would call it a reasonable value for money while taking into consideration pricing trends in the area.


Smooth Hotel’s staff was extremely polite and courteous. They helped us with tourist maps, museum and Big Bus tickets, tours, taxis, assistance with finding restaurants and a lot more.

Moreover, they were super friendly with our kids and that’s why we enjoyed our stay even more.


Smooth Hotel has a cute little modern designed restaurant where they serve buffet breakfast that comes in your BnB package. Although their all-day menu is limited, they have some really yummy pizzas and soups which we ordered one night when we were too tired to walk out.


Since Rome is an expensive city, you cannot expect facilities like spas and swimming pools inside your hotel for a decent price. However, our family room with a double sofa cum bed, a little restaurant for kids hunger attack, and some open space in the backyard was enough for the kids to stretch after touring the whole day long.

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