Aegean Airlines Review

Air travel is one of the very few parts of traveling with kids that freaks me out. One airport or flight horror story is enough to give you travel anxiety for life. This is the reason why I, nearly never take the risk of booking a flight that has a bad rating. You have to go through a long list of issues, and several additional costs while booking your flights.

Luckily, for flying to and from Greece, we found one of the best airlines to travel with kids, that was Aegean Airlines.

Since there were only limited flight options available for our route from Rome to Athens and Santorini, we had to choose the most reliable airline with positive ratings and reviews. Aegean Airlines was the only long, yet decent option available.
Being awarded Europes best regional airline, it was truly far better than most cheap airlines flying within Schengen states.

The stopover at Athens airport and the comparatively longer route didn’t bother us much; only because the airline turned out to be really good.

Aegean Airlines Crew

The flight attendants, unlike many other cheap European airline’s staff, were very welcoming and humble. They treated our family nicely, despite the fact we were:
a) Muslims
b) Traveling with little fussy kids
c) Going to a honeymoon destination, on a flight full of honeymooners, LOL

We were surprised to see a few other families with kids and elderly traveling to Santorini on the flight too. And it actually that made us feel a little more relaxed.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere and Facilities

Aegean airlines kids activity pack
Aegean airlines kids activity pack

Also, unlike many other cheap European airlines, Aegean airlines had a few family-friendly facilities that made our flight experience good. Nothing fancy, but overall they had all the basic things any family should be expecting from an airline. Some of these facilities included light snacks and an activity pack for kids which kept them busy on the short flight.
Pre-booking seats of our choice at the time of buying tickets was quite helpful too.
Moreover, at the airport, families with little kids were given priority boarding, which is always desirable for parents like us.

These little gestures of goodwill and consumer facilitation made our flight experience with kids smooth and enjoyable.


The legroom was fair enough; actually better than most of the local European carriers flying on this route. Luckily there were a couple of rows empty in the first class, where papa bear’s and one of our crying babies’ seats were upgraded for free!

Overall our flight experience on the Aegean airline with kids was very good and I would rate it an 8.5/10, keeping other regional airlines of the same category in mind.
We hope that you find our Aegean Airlines review helpful. It is surely one of the best airlines for traveling to Greece and neighboring countries with a family.

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