The famous GoPro just launched an Armie, yes you read that right. They are taking the selfie stick a step further with a hand-stick that you can mount the camera on. Its target audience is, of course, solo female travelers since it’s a man’s hand they’ve built.

Although it’s one of the best innovation for Instagram photography, sadly all I can see is the gloomy side of it. While being a part of today’s social media battle, millennials are forgetting what true happiness actually is.

As the girl narrates in GoPro Armie ad “Create memories, because no one else will do it for you”, the question arises what exactly is the girl trying to portray in her photo/video?

If she’s happy and satisfied with being a solo female traveler, then why on Earth does she want to show in her pictures a man’s hand following her? Or, if her purpose is just to post beautiful looking photos in desperation to use #FollowMe, then what the narrator refers to as “memories” are all lonely, fake and emotionless.

GoPro Armie, Nikon S1000’s Smile Filter, and a few other fake photography aids seem like just one more ring in the chain of predicted events that indicate the future shown in Black Mirror TV series is actually here. People no more want any sort of strings or emotions attached. All they work on is ways to look perfect to the world no matter how messed up they are on the inside. The need for such photography techniques today is a sad reality of dying concept of relationships and happiness; somewhat like shown in the episodes “Nosedive” and “Be Right Back” from Black Mirror series.