“Nanny “a word unknown to the Desi’s, is a status symbol in developed nations. Meanwhile for a desi mom to have a caretaker would mean she is incapable of motherhood and often gets to hear statements like:

“Humny bhi tou chaar buchay baray kye hain,” ”Hamaray zamanay main tou aisa nahi hota tha.”

This nanny tradition is very common in the Arab world. Nannies here come from Africa, Pakistan, and the Philippines. Sadly the Arabs are not known to be such good employers. These nannies are low paid and they are actually drenched with work from house chores to kids responsibilities. Plus, the Arabs rarely say no to their children, therefore nannies have the least possible authority over them, which is why most of them are spoiled.

Types of nannies we have come across during our expat life in the Middle East for the last couple of years are:

Nanny #1 My Way or Highway

The polite angelic face who is always like “yes Madame’” is number 1 on my list. These nannies have everything under control; mannered kids, top to toe clean house and their owners are always happy.

Let’s see how they work. Parents don’t live with their children all day long; either both parents work, or mothers are busy in kitty parties. So the child’s upbringing is all dependent on nanny’s shoulders.
The “my way or highway” nannies work on control and threats. In the presence of the owners they are all saints but when the parents are not around they scold and threat them; some even beat the kids to make them obey and behave.

Nanny #2 Money Me

Sure the house help cleans other’s kids shit for a price and tolerates midnight tantrums/sleep scares if they are paid well. Nannies in this category are job shifters. They usually shift jobs as soon as they get a good opportunity elsewhere. The well-being of the child is not their concern and they are the charmers alluring bread earners of the house, just like the movies! Yes, they exist in reality too.

Nanny #3 Mother Teressa

Yes, not all the nannies are the nanny number 1. Miss mother Teresa act like second mothers to their attendant child. They nurture and cuddle with them, look after their needs, listen to their 24/7 whining and fulfill their wishes. Lucky kids under such nannies have good morals, are very well behaved and caring.

Sure having a nanny is a real help, but parents should calculate precisely whether they will have to pay the cost of that comfort with their child’s low morale or something else.

Guest post submitted by:
Sitwat Jawaid Peracha.