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Hotel Review: Ramada by Wyndham South Padre Island Texas|Best Kid-Friendly, Yet Cheap Beach Family Hotel for Muslims

South Padre Island is one great cheap beach holiday destination for Texans, located at the southern tip of Texas. It is a good leisure spot for groups of friends or families who do not want to spend a fortune on long weekends and staycations.

There are plentiful family-friendly hotels on South Padre Island that are good for a mini-vacation, but while searching for them, we could either find very high-end resorts, or very third-class hotels.

Because our road-trip from Houston to South Padre Island was quite spontaneous, the best hotel option that suited our tight budget and family needs was Ramada by Wyndham & Suites.

To my surprise, our stay went pretty smooth and we actually enjoyed a lot.
Here’s an honest review of the property, where I have discussed every aspect a Muslim family looks out for while booking a vacation hotel.

Ramada by Wyndham Inn & Suites South Padre Island Hotel Review

Knowing the fact that there are no Halal hotels or restaurants anywhere near South Padre Island, finding a family-friendly hotel is your best bet. Therefore let’s keep that Halal matter aside and see what other family-friendly facilities the hotel has to offer.

Value for Money

The average nightly rent for a family room with two queen beds at Ramada Suites is for about $70/night if you book in advance.

However, it cost us about $100 (excluding tax), because we booked it the same day and it was a weekend. So even if you’re planning a very small vacation in South Padre Island Texas, planning a bit early will save you some extra bucks to spend on other island activities such as food and tours.

Even between $70-$90 nightly rent, I think this 2-star hotel has fair value for money because of it’s facilities and the good location.

I mean, it’s pretty hard to find “livable” family rooms in American hotels less than $100/night – like seriously.

Family-Friendly Facilities at Ramada South Padre

We found the hotel atmosphere very family-friendly. Almost all the guests staying there were families with young and old kids.

We didn’t come across any alcoholics or loud party fellows, so here goes one point for Ramada hotel’s atmosphere being Muslim-friendly, and another for being kid-friendly.

Other than that, they have wending and ice machines installed for guests’ convenience.

Kids Pool

Ramada by Wyndham South Padre Island Texas Hotel Review
Ramada by Wyndham South Padre Island Texas Hotel Review

The facility that we enjoyed the most with kids was their pools. They have one pool for adults, one separate shallow pool for kids, and another one with jets for parents to relax.

Private Access to the Beach

Although Ramada Inn & Suites are technically not one of south padre island hotels on the beach, they do have their private guest access to the beach; which we found quite convenient.
Additionally, their outdoor shower was another facility we benefited from after enjoying at the beach.

Free On-Site Parking for Guests

Since it’s a weekend-getaway, road-trip kind of destination, free hotel parking is a plus point for guests.

Food at Ramada by Wyndham South Padre Island

Since our hotel booking was for “BnB” i.e. bed and breakfast, we stuffed up with whatever we could at their morning buffet breakfast.

To be honest, it was very very basic, but I won’t rant about it because maybe that’s how 2-star American hotel breakfasts are supposed to be; Frozen eggs, boring donuts, basic bread, waffles, juices, tea, cereals and…that’s about it.

Sincere advice: if you’re getting a room at Ramada by Wyndham South Padre Island for a lesser price without breakfast, take it.

Location of Ramada Suites & Inn at South Padre Island

In short, the location of Ramada Suites & Inn is superb!

The neighborhood has a really nice residential feel to it, making it a very safe and family-friendly neighborhood for staying with kids. Additionally, it is accessible and right in the middle of everything.

To add a cherry on top, it takes just a couple minutes walk to reach the beach through a private hotel passageway. Moreover, we were relaxed to find out that the beach area was visited by decent families majorly.

Ramada Family Room Review

Ramada by Wyndham South Padre Island Texas Hotel Review
Ramada by Wyndham South Padre Island Texas Hotel Review

The room we booked for a family of two adults and two kids, had two queen beds. It was actually quite spacious. The bathroom had an adjoining iron and changing area too, where we stored our mess.

Although it was good for a one-night stay for us, I think staying more than a couple of nights would not have been a good idea.

Few things that bothered me during our stay were: the restroom exhaust was not working properly, and since there was no bathroom door, the room felt stuffy and not ventilated properly. Also, the furniture, t.v. and air conditioners are outdated.

Is Ramada by Wyndham at South Padre Halal/Muslim-Friendly?

Well, a straight forward answer to that would be no.
Although it can’t be counted as a Halal hotel in any way possible, it could be listed as a Muslim-friendly property. That too only because their staff is friendly and courteous, and treats Muslim visitors just like any other guest.

Summing it up, Ramada is one good and affordable family hotel in South Padre Island. It may not be fancy, but is pretty decent “keeping American hotel standards in mind-duh” for people who’re visiting for a couple of days to relax at the beach.