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cleaning schedule, checklist for homemakers

No Maid, No Problem! Weekly Cleaning Schedule, Checklist & Tips

Hey everyone!
How’s the quarantine treating you all?

Since Covid19 has locked everyone up at homes and, depending on the luxury of house help can’t be possible anymore, which means a lot of unpredictable work!

However, if you stay organized, cleaning shouldn’t be much of a problem. Here are some useful tips for homemakers and people who’re still willing to keep their house clean n tidy just as normal, with a cleaning schedule and some very useful tips.

Cleaning Schedule, Checklist and Tips for  Staying Organized as a Homemaker

Prioritize Self-Care over All Other Responsibilities

First things first! Never forget, a tired and unhealthy version of you would never be able to manage the house cleaning and chores, so take care of yourself before thinking about everything else.

Start your day with some sort of meditation and exercise for “sanity”, followed by a healthy breakfast.
Try to wake up before other family members to enjoy that warm cup of tea in peace along with some “me-time” to figure out things to do for the day.

Another way you can care for yourself is by taking some essential vitamin supplements (consulting with your doctor of course).
After several years of denial, I’ve finally started taking iron, calcium and vitamin D supplements, and trust me they’ve made my life a hell lot better.

Follow a Cleaning Routine

Okay so following this cleaning routine everyday should be the last thing that could give you a headache. Make an easy to follow routine, and divide your cleaning schedule into parts.

Here’s my house cleaning schedule that we are trying to follow as religiously as possible.


Don’t Pile up Work for Later

Postponing chores and piling them up for later will only make your life difficult. Try to follow a cleaning routine or a checklist, not very strictly, but rather responsibly.

Also, be realistic and keep some room for delays and “carry-forwards” while planning your cleaning schedule.

Make a To-Do List for Each Day

Every morning, jot down the tasks, other than cleaning, you need to do. Whether it be a grocery trip or an important phone call. Just write everything down and tick off as you go.

Assign Duties for Each Family Member

This is the most important tip to stay sane while keeping the house clean. Divide and share the workload with the rest of the family. Ask them about that one duty that they can handle on their own, without screwing up. Whether it is folding laundry, dusting, or something as little as making the beds every morning, every person living in the house has to handle one cleaning/tidying up job; regardless of their age.

Plan Out a Monthly Cooking Schedule

Ok I know you must be wondering why a cooking schedule is necessary for keeping the house clean.

Well it is!


Because when you are already prepared for cooking your daily meal well in advance, you have that bit of energy left in your brain to think about other things you gotta concentrate for the day.

Cook a Little Extra & Freeze for a Tiring Day

Once every week, cook some extra food such as gravy or half-done items, and freeze; for days when you don’t feel like cooking and don’t wish to order food or even dine out.

Don’t Stress

Don’t stress over cleaning to a psycho-maniac level.

The house won’t clean itself, but always remember your sanity is more important than cleaning.

Do as much as possible, talk to your family members if you need help, but don’t stress.

Seal the Windows If Living in a Dusty City

Karachi is an extremely dusty city, houses are not centrally air-conditioned or sealed, and we depend on fresh air circulation for our houses to be cool…well in most cases.

The only solution I see clean freaks practicing is to seal windows and doors for major part of the day to avoid dust coming inside.
Open them for a few minutes in the morning and evening for ventilation.

Counsel Family Members about Using the Restroom Responsibly

Being Muslims, there’s a lot of water work involved in our restrooms, but that doesn’t mean it has to be messed up.

Have a meeting with your family members and discuss some bathroom sharing rules. Jot them down… like literally, and hang them up if needed.
Emphasize on wiping their bathroom visit traces before leaving.

Organize Organize Organize

When the house is organized properly, not only cleaning, but life as a whole becomes so much easier.
When things are assigned permanent places, you don’t have to go through all that lot to get hold of one thing, only ending messing up more. Even tidying up becomes easy as you know “the place” where that particular thing belongs.

The basic items (other than your wardrobe & kitchen stuff) that need proper sections in the house are:

  • Bed Sheets
  • Towels
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Tools
  • Medicines
  • Prayer Mats & Quran
  • Cables/cords and all sorts of unused electronic equipment
  • Photo Albums (hard copies)
  • Board Games and Exercise Stuff
  • Stationery
  • Suitcases & Bags
  • Extra Pillows and Blankets
  • Cameras and Gadgets
  • Party supplies (gift wraps, decoration, etc.)
  • Laundry & Ironing
  • Important Documents (Passports, Certificates, Files, etc.)

If you don’t have enough cabinets/drawers for each one of them, use empty boxes, suitcases or old cartons to label and organize things.

Classify & Schedule Cleaning into Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Jobs

Combine and pick: two difficult and one easy cleaning tasks for each day, a couple of tasks that require less attention for the end of the week, and some major deep cleaning ones for the end of the month.

Don’t forget to keep one day free during the week to relax and take a break from your cleaning routine.