How to Plan An Unforgettable Magical Experience in Capadoccia for Your Muslim Family Vacation in Turkey

Where sizzling days are cooled off with seldom showers of rain and chilly breeze every evening, Capadoccia in Turkey is famous for quite a lot of things, starting off with staying at a cave hotel, spectacular landscapes, hot air ballooning, sepia sunsets and what not. Being obsessed with tranquil spaces, Capadoccia’s quietness captured my heart right away.

Who would have thought in the early ages, a deserted region affected by a volcanic eruption would serve so well for tourists from all around the globe, neither the cavemen would have had any clue about their smart architectural techniques being appreciated thousands of years later.

Visiting in late July this year, here’s the highlight of our short- yet fulfilling stay in Urgup (a small town near Goreme).

Things to do in Capadoccia with Kids

  • Explore Caves and Churches within the Goreme Open Air Museum

Simply an awe-inspiring site. Seeing the widespread Christian monastery built in the fairy chimney caves, their architectural planning, and preserved wall paintings are just amazing. It is the topmost tourist attraction of Capadoccia, however, if you are visiting with your little ones, chose a relatively cooler time to visit instead of the peak hot hours as the scorching heat drives you dehydrated and dizzy.

  • Crawl Deep Down the Tunnels of Derinkuyu Underground City

Just like the museum, almost all the mentioned spots are nothing less interesting than the other. This city is planned just like the ants build tunnels and caves. Our kids loved crawling in tunnels and listening to their voice echo, however after going down a couple of levels, I felt a little claustrophobic and decided to exit.

  • See How Hot Air Balloons Really Fly

This was surely one magical experience of a lifetime. The view of balloons being lit up before dawn, the flight and watching sun rise from behind the mountains, every part of the journey felt like a dream which you don’t wish to end. The pilot gave us a close look at the pigeon valley underneath, and the volcano which erupted billions of years ago which resulted in fairy chimney formations.

A little costly adventure, but the experience is worth it for sure!

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  • Enjoy the Beat of Tambourines and Flutes on a Turkish Cultural Night

Nightlife in Capadoccia is a little limited, however, our hotel Dere Suites arranged our dinner at a restaurant named Evanos which had cultural shows and dances along with dinner. Beautiful performances included Raqs Dervish and Belley dances, with traditional live music being played. Our kids had fun dancing on the drum beat with the beautiful girls too.

  • Make Your Own Clay Pot at the Famous Pottery Museums of Capadoccia

Turkish pottery and tile making is famous all over the world. The hand-crafted collection in one of the pottery museums we visited was amazing. It was very difficult to choose what to buy and what not to buy. Prices were a bit high but one can’t resist shopping at least one souvenir for taking home.

Things You and Your Kids Must Eat in Capadoccia

The best thing I like about Turkey is that we Muslims don’t need to worry about finding halal food options. Which also means that you can stop your car and eat whatever you like, whenever you like! 
This gets even better when your kids are throwing a tantrum upon wanting to eat nuggets and you don’t have to worry about halal. 😀

Here are a few iconic authentic Halal Turkish foods that not only taste great but are also presented in such an interesting way that you will enjoy eating them.

  • Pottery Kebab

The best Turkish food with lots of flavors (unlike the rest of grilled meat with minimum seasoning). It was a meat stew served with a big boat-shaped flatbread, which reminded me of Pakistani food after two weeks of vacationing in foreign lands.

  • Dolma

Stuffed grape leaves with meat and rice. After hearing so much about it, finally, I had a chance to taste Halal Dolma in Capadoccia, which was a great choice for an appetizer.

  • Meat and Aubergine Casserole, a.k.a Turkish Moussaka

Baked casserole with layers of aubergine and meat topped with cheese was very scrumptious. It resembled lasagna but with a different flavor.

  • Turkish Ravioli

The most interesting dish that I’ve had in Turkey, tiny ravioli bites filled with mince and topped with Turkish yogurt sauce. The white sauce kinds of pasta are always my kids favorite. Must try!

For a detailed 10 day itinerary for visiting Turkey with kids, click here.

Traveler Tips for Visiting Capadoccia with Kids

  • Book guided tours (either group or Pvt ones) to get to know the city and history better.
  • Day time is really hot; take caps, water, and other preventive measures especially when traveling with kids.
  • Keep a margin of at least 2 nights for the hot air balloon tour, as it depends on weather conditions.
  • Book a hotel which has babysitting service if you do not wish to take them for the hot air balloon tour.
  • If you wish to capture pictures of the balloons rising, book your hotel in Goreme town and ask your hotel to arrange a setup on the rooftop.

We wish you good luck with planning your Muslim-friendly family vacation in Capadoccia, Turkey. Do let us know if you found this article helpful in the comments below.

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