Karachi Street Food Guide

Inhabiting more than just Urdu speaking community, Karachi is home to diverse cultures and cuisines. Living in this city of lights and much more, we Karachites get opportunities to treat our taste buds more often with different kinds of spices and textures presented in the most delicious ways. Luckily, most of these are street foods and are quite inexpensive.

Here is our list of the best street food spots in Karachi. Hope you will enjoy!


Kathiawari Chaat

This chat is a unique blend of different tastes. It has chickpeas with some sour boiled potatoes, topped with sweet and smooth yogurt and onions. Not to forget the uncountable sauces known as “Chatnis” which makes Chaat truly the king of Karachi street food. The combination of these items is just satisfying for the taste buds.
The best recipe of this Chaat is found at Kathiawari shop in Bohri Bazaar, Saddar.

Yadgar Fish

Yadgar Fish is truly memorable as it says in its name “Yadgar”. Famous for decades for its way of preparation and the secret recipe of fried fish, this shop is located in the area of New Town.

We tried some mouth-watering pomfret from their shop which was a warm treat to the end of a tiring food tour day.


Samosay is something us Pakistanis cannot live without. These are folds of dough in a triangular manner usually stuffed with minced meat or spicy mashed potatoes. After creating this fold, it is deep fried and is served with various sauces. We tried out these amazing samosas from Fresco; a popular bakery in Saddar.

Dahi Baray

Dahi Baray, just like samosas are part of our Karachite lives. It is sweet whipped yogurt mixed with fried balls of gram-flour with a topping of crispy “papri”. They are usually sprinkled with “chaat masala” on them.
We tried these mouthwatering Dahi Baray at a shop called Dehli Dahi Baray at Burns Road Saddar. They serve the most creamy and delicious Dahi Baray we have ever come across.

Arbi Paratha

We came across this amazing street food – Arbi paratha at Fresco bakery, Burns Road. Well, we’re glad we did. Arbi Paratha was a fried fold of dough stuffed with minced chicken and some vegetables. This was something that wasn’t on our list but we are glad we came across it.


We definitely loved trying Shawarma from a roadside famous shop – Al Arab Shawarma in Gulistan e Johar. Shawarma – an Arabic snack, is a handy wrap of chicken and vegetables with hummus and garlic sauce in Pita bread. It is a must try!



Jalebi is something we could munch on forever. It is made by deep frying batter of flour in pretzel-like or circular shapes and later dipped in sugar syrup. They are a perfect example of evening snack street food.

We tried the best Jalebi at Fresco Saddar.

Lacha Paratha

Paratha is a common term used for round fried flatbread, commonly eaten in breakfasts. But the special thing about this Lacha Paratha is the uncountable crispy layers which add a delicious texture to it. Lacha in the Punjabi language means layer, hence Lacha Paratha.

We tried the famous Lacha Parathas at Quetta Alamgir Hotel at Bahudurabad, and we simply loved them.

Cheesy Potato

Al Arab shawarma not only serves the best Shawarma in Gulistan e Johar, but also a unique creation of its own which is known as the cheesy potato. The potatoes are diced, fried and topped with generous amount of cheese and different vegetables. If you’re a french fries lover, then you will like these for sure!

Alu Bonda

This is a kind of ball made out of spicy mashed potatoes, coated with a layer of dough.

We tried these from Nimko – a famous old shop in Bohri Bazaar.

Gol Gappay

This is also one of the most famous kinds of street food in Karachi. Gol guppay are like hollow crispy fried balls. They are usually stuffed with chickpeas and various Chatnis, and are served with sour tamarind water. The best is to fit one into your mouth without creating a mess.









We absolutely loved eating Karachi’s street food and we think you should too on your next visit.