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Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Family Holiday – Points of Interest and More

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Family Holiday – Points of Interest and More

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital, and the most happening city is an ideal family holiday destination. It is among the most visited cities in Asia for tourists from all over the world, especially popular as the best Muslim friendly holiday destination.

Halal food and prayer spaces makes traveling with kids a lot easier; not that I’m a die-hard meat lover or something, but buying the kids nuggets and fries on the go becomes a lot easier – it is as simple as that 🙂

The best part of Malaysian tourism is that they love and welcome children. Families with little kids are given priority treatment starting from airport to every other place. Their hotels, tourist attractions and transport system, everything is stroller friendly. In addition to all this, they have special menus for kids, play areas everywhere and a lot more.

Malaysia has endless family holiday activities in every city and island. But for now, let’s explore:

Kuala Lumpur Points of Interest for Kids


Kuala Lumpur’s I-City is the best amusement theme park for kids of all ages. Well not only for kids, the adults enjoy it too. Starting from Wow Street, Water World, Snow Walk to City of Digital Lights, the city is loaded with fun activities for kids, for which you must reserve a complete day or maybe two.

I-city KL themepark
I-city KL theme park

KL Bird Park

It is surely as claimed the world’s largest and the most beautiful free-flight walk-in aviary with a completely natural habitat for birds. You will find birds of various sizes and species here; huge storks flying above your head, small white peacocks that follow you, and the famous Great Hornbill. It is an amazing trip that involves the experience of being inside an actual rainforest which is a treat for kids.

Don’t miss out taking souvenir pictures with the colorful friendly birds from the instant photo station. Also, the souvenir shops inside sell beautiful handmade keepsakes that you will not find anywhere else in the city.

Mommy tip:

  1. Wear comfortable and waterproof shoes, and carry an umbrella for every outdoor trip in Malaysia.

Lego Land

Located at about 3 hrs drive south of Kuala Lumpur, Lego Land is a heaven for Lego fans and children of all ages. It comprises of exciting Lego rides, a water park with lego blocks, souvenir shops and a Lego-themed hotel which will make your Malaysian family holiday memorable.

lego land malaysia
Lego land malaysia

Mommy tip:

  1. Since it is a little far from Kuala Lumpur (near Singapore’s border), it is advised to book a room inside/nearby Lego Land for a night or two so that your kids enjoy to their fullest.

Berjaya Times Square Theme Park

In the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s tourist area Bukit Bintang, Berjaya Times Square is a mall and hotel complex with an awesome indoor and the most colorful theme park I’ve ever seen.

There are endless exciting rides inside for kids of all ages, and a separate floor just for toddlers. Once they enter, it can be pretty difficult to pull them out. Moreover, the indoor adult roller coaster twists and turns inside the mall which will give you the perfect amount of adrenaline rush. We took turns for a ride as there was no one else to attend the kids, but it was surely worth it!

Sunway Lagoon

The world famous Sunway Lagoon is a wonderful 1-day family getaway spot for you. As our little one was just 6 months old at the time of our visit, we chose not to visit. However here’s a great article from a fellow mama who has prepared just the right guide for families with toddlers:

Your Guide to the Kid-Friendly Sunway Lagoon for Every Age & Stage

Zoo Negara

The three major attractions inside Kuala Lumpur national zoo are Panda, Butterfly Park, and Giraffe which are impossible to find in Pakistan.

Zoo Negara (national zoo) is very well maintained, with a beautiful natural landscape. The best part is; there are no cages! Yes, you read that right. Even the tigers, hyenas and the elephants are in open spaces with boundaries of marshlands and mangroves. Although there’s a separate ticket for watching Pandas; since they are so hard to find in other parts of the world, don’t miss out the opportunity!

KL zoo negara
KL zoo negara

Mommy tips:

  1. As it is a bit far from KL’s main tourist area, it is recommended to book a two-way cab for your family day tour at the zoo because it is hard to find cabs there.
  2. Be prepared for the humidity and heat; keep your kids hydrated and covered with an umbrella/cap at all times.

Aquaria KLCC

Just like other amazing points of interest in Kuala Lumpur for families, Aquaria KLCC is also loaded with surprises from the underwater world. Kids and grownups, both enjoy watching hundreds of fish species, along with the hero of this aquarium – the shark!

Luckily just like every other place, this aquarium is also completely stroller friendly; even the under-water tunnel travelator. To my surprise, our toddlers enjoyed a lot going inside, (unlike me, who almost screamed in fear when crossing a part where a huge stingray was resting on the glass above our heads).

KL Aquaria- Guilty Mama family holiday
KL Aquaria- Guilty Mama family holiday

Mommy tip:

  1. It is located in the central business district, so keep a margin for getting stuck in traffic during office hours.

Fountain Behind Surya

If you guys are tired after the trip to KLCC Aquaria, then take the free golf-cart shuttle from the back gate of the aquarium building that goes towards Petronas twin towers. Not only you will find a beautiful frame for your photos with the Petronas in the background, but you will also enjoy a great cooling spot by the dancing fountains in the middle of this central financial district.

Fountain behind KLCC Surya- Guilty mama family holiday
Fountain behind KLCC Surya- Guilty mama family holiday

Mommy tip:

  1. Keep extra clothes and slippers for kids in the diaper bag in case they get wet with a surprise splash!

If you plan on visiting Langkawi island with kids, here’s something that might interest you:

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