Long weekends with kids are boring if not planned in advance. Disturbed eating and napping schedules affect the regular school routine after 3-4 day holiday, so here are a few ideas for your upcoming long weekend to make them exciting without having to spend extra!

  • Bake pizza together

From kneading the dough to popping it in the oven, every part of pizza making is interesting for the kids. Prepare the toppings earlier, and let them enjoy the rest. Whether your kid is a toddler or a 10 year old, kids of every age will enjoy customizing their pizzas and feeling accomplished after doing so.

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  • Mini pool party

Arrange a small pool party, invite the kids’ cousins or neighbors, fill in a big tub or inflatable pool and get set go! Say bye bye to boredom for the day.

  • Plant seeds with names

Get small pots for every member of the family. Sow in some seeds or baby plants in the labeled pots of each family member and see them grow for the next few days. Make the kids water them daily, and compare whose plant grows the most.

family plant pots
  • Sort toys

Sort the overflowing toy box which never gets a chance to be cleaned up. Make a bag for donating the unused ones, a bag for the broken and unusable ones, and organize the ones the kids still want to keep. Teach them sharing and caring for the unprivileged kids.

  • Go to nearby park/ beach

Parks are the best places for kids’ physical activity, explore parks in your city and enjoy the different activities they have.

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  • Watch a movie together

Choose a good family movie for some family time together after dinner with popcorns. Me n my husband have started enjoying animated movies more after having kids. My favorite website for searching movies is http://www.imdb.com/genre/family .

Here are some of our favorite movies for kids:

7 Inspirational Movies for Kids

  • Bake cupcakes

There is nothing kids like more than cupcakes these days. Baking cupcakes at home is super cool stuff for them. If you’re not so good at baking try some packet mixes which are as easy as abcs. My favorite is Betty Crocker cake mixes, follow easy steps and bake yummilicious cakes. Be creative by trying out your kid’s choice of toppings.

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  • Visit an old relative

Old people always love little kids and kids enjoy spending time with them too. Some enjoy telling stories, spoiling them with chocolate, while some just like to listen to the kids funny conversations. Plan a short visit to any of your old relative, or just visit some old home if you don’t have any relatives in your city. Watch both of them exchange happy emotions, and let your kids learn to respect and learn from them.

  • Go cycling

If you have cycles for all family members, try going for cycling early morning when there’s not much traffic on roads. Take stops at any nearby park or your favorite juice stall for a quick energy refill.

  • Play Name Place Animal Thing/ I spy

These games were our favorite when we were kids. Whenever we had power failures or there was nothing else to do, all the family played name place animal thing, I spy, or simply lie down and gaze the stars and make shapes in clouds. All these games enhances kids’ imagination and thinking process, and teaches them to survive without electronic gadgets in today’s world.