Besides my mother’s tales of her travel desires, and husband’s eagerness to discover different cultures around the globe, movies have also played a huge role in my growing wanderlust over these years. Finally at this stage of life I have been able to figure out genres of movies I love the most, and that is Comedy & Travel.

Here’s a list of my favorite ones that have inspired my wanderlust to a level where Iv’e started to prioritize travel over all other worldly desires.

Eat pray love- (Bali, India, Italy)

 After realizing how unhappy and boring her marriage is, Julia Roberts sets off for a World tour after going through painful divorce in search for peace, food and ultimately love. Her journey is so exciting that it would make you question your existence and living. The way she enjoys her food in Italy is where I got to know how some people on earth live only for the love of eating. Her struggle for finding peace and tranquility within was also a journey to remember. I would suggest every woman on earth to watch it.


My life in ruins- Greece

Bored with her life and job, Nia Vordalos- a tour guide rediscovers herself on one of the trips through Greece with the tour bus driver and the whole tour group. Picturing even the smallest details, the movie is one of the best to make you want to plan your next vacation to these scenic views of the Greek blue skies, chalk white villas and the Aegean seas.

Queen- Europe

A desi girl belonging from a typical Indian family sets off for a solo honeymoon to Europe after her wedding is cancelled. High dose of entertainment and humor, the movie should win an award on the concept for being bold enough to go on a solo honeymoon. Loved every bit of Kangana’s dialogue delivery and acting, we got so fond of it that we repeat the hilarious dialogues in day to day life too, e.g “meri to life hi kharab hogai hai”, “why fart and waste it when you can burp and taste it”

Under the Tuscan sun- Italy

After learning that her husband is cheating on her, Frances goes on a trip through Italy on her friend’s suggestion to overcome her depression. On the way she impulsively buys a villa in rural Tuscany to make an attempt for starting a new life, where she finds many new friends and someone special.


Blended was just the perfect movie to picture an awesome family vacation. Shot in an African resort, it filmed the most amazing tourist activities and natural beauty of the continent, along with Adam Sandler’s humor which actually was good this time. It shows how two single parents go on a blind date, and accidentally are bound to live in one family suite at their vacation in Africa with their kids. Despite their guilt and fears of falling in love all over again with someone, they develop a unique friendly sort of relationship which later ends up in them amalgamating both the families to make a big happy family.

P.s I love you- Ireland

A little on the tragic side, the movie shows how a young widow makes a comeback to life after being devastated by her loving husband’s sudden death. The husband had left her with ten letters, and a trip with her two best friends to Ireland (his hometown) where they had first met. Ireland’s lush green fields are the reason of me falling in love with the eye soothing scenery, and not to forget the handsome Irish men of-course ;).

Sex and the city 2 (Abu dhabi)

Also one of my favorites from the last decade, (P.S which is also making me feel a little older). Sequel to the previous parts, this one presents all 4 friends going through different stages of lives, and how they take a break from their typical routine and go off for a vacation in Abu Dhabi.

Shot in typical Middle Eastern traditional resort and markets, the movie might give you a quick start on planning a short vacation with friends to the nearest *awesomely glamorous country* available.






Sisterhood of the traveling pants (Mexico, Greece)

Four best friends living in Maryland separate ways for seeing family and other purposes. Their friendship bond is one pair of pants which fits them all, and they take turns sharing it. The unique idea of girl friendship makes the movie fun and the shots taken in Greece and Mexico make it worth watching.








Lost in translation (Japan)

A faded movie star and a young neglected wife come across each other in Tokyo’s vibrant hustle bustle lit up night. Strangers in a foreign country facing a huge language barrier they form an unlikely meaningful bond.








 A movie for women who’s life is filled with ups and downs, nothing much worth living and tragedies, giving a lesson of lifting the spirit and cleansing ones soul with adventure.