Malaysia is undoubtedly one of THE BEST Muslim & family-friendly countries in Asia to travel to with kids. Apart from the several things to do in the city of Kuala Lumpur, there is so much to do for families on the Langkawi island too.

As you enter Langkawi, you are handed over a tourist activity map when leaving the airport. It shows you a thousand attractions which makes you wonder whether it’s a small island or heaven for exactly each and everything a vacationer is looking for. Whether it is a group of friends, young honeymoon couples or a whole lot of family along with kids, Langkawi satisfies all.

All You Need to Know About Langkawi with Kids + Things to Do

Where to Stay in Langkawi with Kids

Staying closer to Langkawi airport was the best decision we took on this trip. Usually, we don’t prefer hotels near the airport, but since the island is so small, commuting to the attractions and catching our early morning flight was not a hassle this time.

Our accommodation was the highlight of our stay, which was at Meritus Pelangi; the best Halal family resort in Langkawi, at Pantai Cenang road. Because there were families with children of all sizes, a kids club + play area and their magnificent family pool, our little ones had a great time.

What to Eat in Langkawi, Malaysia with Kids

If your taste palette is ready for some new flavor kicks, then Malaysia is undoubtedly the best Halal holiday destination in Asia. Not only all the food is Halal, but also full of flavors.

Belonging to Pakistani-Indian cuisine belt, to me Malaysian spices tasted unique in their own way. One of my favorites from their cuisine was Mei Goreng (noodles) with a sweet and spicy sauce served with egg and prawns.

Thanks to our resort’s buffet restaurant “Spice Market”, we got a chance to experience a vast variety of their food in just three nights stay. Another favorite dish of mine was Nasi Lemak, which my husband constantly used to call Nasi Malinga (I don’t know why). It is a rice and curry dish with boiled egg and roasted peanuts as a side, which gives a crunch to the flavorsome moist bite.

Apart from that, we noticed Halal Arabic food is quite popular in Langkawi because of it being a favorite vacation spot for Muslim family travelers from Middle-East Asia.

For kids, the most popular foodstuff was the paratha-like Roti Kanai, french fries, fish n chips, nuggets, rice, and instant noodle jars that are sold at every grocery shop. For the baby, I had to pack cereals, and cookies kind of finger foods.

Where to Shop Souvenirs in Langkawi

Langkawi might not be one of the ideal cheap Muslim friendly holiday destinations, but it is definitely an awesome place to shop tropical island-themed handicrafts and souvenirs.

Always remember, the best souvenirs you will ever find will be sold right at the spot next to the tourist attraction. Those shops may seem expensive, but trust me you will never find those fridge magnets or showpieces anywhere else. Compromise on the quantity, but get those little memories which will be a reminder of that beautiful experience.

One of my favorite shops was on the Pantai Cenang street near our hotel. It had all sorts of handicrafts which were at reasonable prices. I wished to buy everything, but because we had limited luggage to carry, I could only buy a set of weaved trays, batik, a salad bowl made of bamboo, some handcrafted unique photo frames and a couple of fancy hair clips.

Tips for Traveling to Langkawi Island with Kids

  1. Do not expect pleasant weather all the time. Because of it being a tropical island, it can get really hot at times during the day and cold during and after rain.
  2. Do not plan or expect any family activity in Langkawi with kids after 5 pm, as almost everything shuts down after that.
  3. If you have Asian/African skin color and do not wish further tanning, then use sunscreen and wear hats all the time during the day.
  4. Don’t bother to take strollers to the hilly part of the island (sky bridge tour, etc), just baby carrier would be enough.
  5. Pack flip flops or sandals, they can be worn almost everywhere.
  6. Buy a foldable umbrella in advance.
  7. There is a lot of moisture in the air, so if you have oily skin problems then don’t forget to pack your face-wash. P.s (my nose piercing went bad throughout the stay)
  8. Fill in a USB with your kids’ favorite movies for the long nights in case they are bored.
  9. The humid atmosphere will not let the clothes dry outdoors, it is better to get them laundered, or dry them in your airconditioned room.
  10. Carry a mosquito repellant lotion and apply it before leaving the room after sunset.
  11. Book a Muslim & family-friendly hotel/resort that has kids play area and babysitter facility. You will surely thank me later 😉

Best Spas in Langkawi 

Far-east Asia is famous for its heavenly spas that have the most relaxing massages menu. Yes, you read it right, they have a complete detailed menu of their massages and herbal massage oils!

The two spas that were on our hotel street were Satkara and Alun-Alun. They were a bit costly but the super clean. The soundless ambiance refreshed us in the evening after long hours of walking and exploring the island. I tried their foot reflexology which was extremely comforting and it put me to sleep right away. The part which I loved the most was their honey-ginger tea served with a slice of lemon floating inside. Being (not such a huge) fan of tea, I hesitated for a moment but after that Chinese-faced woman’s insisting I tasted it and it was delightful, in-fact the cherry on top for my massage break.

Satkara spa
Satkara spa

3-Day Langkawi Family Vacation Itinerary

It seemed actually difficult to schedule our unplanned trip, but eventually, we had a great time. Starting and ending the day early was very advantageous, as there are very fewer night activities on the island.

Because there is so much to do, planning itself takes a lot of time. If you’re a good driver, then it is advised to rent a car or scooter which is available at a very reasonable rate, and drive through the beautiful lush green roads, explore the island all day. Try to start your day in the early morning and finish it off by 6 pm, because after that it’s all dark and quiet. Night activities can possibly be a stroll on the streets, souvenir shopping, having street food for dinner or enjoying beachside BBQ.

Day 1 in Langkawi with Kids – Beach Day

Start off your day with yoga on the beachside and make most of your mornings and daytime exploring your resort and surroundings on foot.

Our beach activities included Para-Sailing (which was my main reason for visiting Langkawi) and Jet-ski rides. Another interesting activity for families or groups of people was the Banana Boat ride which is fun for 10 years and above.

The first day we enjoyed playing on the beach with kids along with all the water activities. Scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayaking are also worth living the experience.

Day 2 in Langkawi with Family – Sky Bridge

The second day we were engaged in visiting the famous Sky Bridge which was simply amazing in reality; nothing compared to whatever comes in the pictures or movies. The Cable car that takes you up there gives stunning views of the green hills meeting the ocean. The sight of white yachts parked near the jetty from the cable car deck makes you want to stare at them all day long.

Langkawi Sky Bridge with Kids
Langkawi Sky Bridge with Kids

During this highland tour, you should include this amazing 3D art museum which is an awesome spot for taking Instagram photos.

Bear in mind it rains almost every day in Langkawi, so keep a margin for a couple of wasted hours while scheduling your day. If the rain doesn’t disturb your schedule, it means you can enjoy some time relaxing in the heavenly spas in the evening.

Langkawi 3d art museum

Day 3 Langkawi Family Vacation – Eagle Square and Island Hopping

You can easily book the Island Hopping tour from your hotel or any nearby marketplace. The tour includes a ferry ride to the 3 famous islands and Lake of the Pregnant Maiden which is beautiful.

eagle square langkawi
eagle square Langkawi

At the end of the tour, you can drop off at the iconic Eagle Square and explore nearby markets and restaurants. If you still have the energy then visit Taman Legenda; which is an open-air sculpture museum at the waterfront depicting the legends of Langkawi island, while the kids can stretch after the long boat ride.

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