Even though I am a control freak and plan almost the entire itinerary for our family vacations a month before flying, I can’t help loving surprises on our family trips. The couple of evenings that I deliberately leave unplanned, turn out to be the most memorable ones.

Same was the story with our Phuket Fantasea surprise trip during our kids’ summer vacations last year. Although I had come across this top-rated family-friendly tourist attraction of Phuket to visit with family and kids on google and other halal travel forums, I was not really convinced on buying the costly ticket for 3 persons. Also, because there weren’t many pictures or videos of Phuket Fantasea show on YouTube, I was wondering what 2200 Thai Baht are for. That’s when we were “fortunately” rewarded with two free tickets to Phuket Fantasea, so we had to purchase only one more for our daughter.

Phuket FantaSea Family Trip Review

The best thing Phuket Fantasea could ever do is prohibit cameras and all recording devices so that the audience enjoy their show to the fullest. Our tired and sleepy kids were instantly energized as the spectacular show began and remained engaged throughout.

Jaw-dropping Performances at the Phuket Fantasea Thai Cultural Show

While I was going through blogs and reviews of Phuket Fantasea, people had compared the glamour and grandeur of their performances with Vegas-style entertainment. Well, we haven’t been to Vegas, but these cultural show performances were absolutely stunning!

Every dance, acrobat, and magic act was perfect, except the animal performances. I reckon people would still love and attend their show if they did not have to involve animals in them.

Amazing Kids Play Area and Games

There’s a free soft-play area for kids on the first floor. We couldn’t peek inside, but it was huge. The kids spent some good 30 minutes playing inside, while we took turns to the loo, and rested in the parents waiting area.
For entering that play area, you have to buy their special socks, which are for 50 Baht.

Although your ticket price may include transfer from your hotel and buffet dinner; you should still carry some extra cash for buying children’s rides/game coupons, water, snacks or maybe some unique souvenirs.


Special Halal Food Buffet Area for Muslims

Did you know that the population of Phuket province consists of around 20% Muslims? Well, I got a hint of that as soon as I saw all the female staff at the ticket counters of Phuket Fantasea wearing hijab. And 20% is enough to trust Thai people when they say we have Halal food available :).

The Golden Kinaree inside Phuket Fantasea is the largest buffet restaurant of Asia; which, also serves a variety of Halal Thai and continental dishes in their special section for Muslims. The quantity, quality, and taste of their halal food was reasonable, and the kids managed to find food items of their interest.

Clean Toilets with Muslim Showers and Diaper Changing Tables

Since the whole tour of Phuket Fantasea lasts for about 5 hours or so, bathroom break becomes essential when you’re with kids. The toilets we found were a little difficult to reach with a stroller, but we were glad to find them clean, Muslim and family-friendly.

Well-Organised Setup for a Perfect Family Tour

The architects of Phuket Fantasea have surely done an amazing job planning the visitors’ way through this beautiful theme park. It opens at 5 pm and you cannot go wrong about dividing your time for every possible activity. After spending time watching the street performances, children’s playtime, souvenir window shopping, and kiddie rides, you will have ample time for having dinner peacefully; after which they guide you towards the auditorium for the final cultural show.

Although the auditorium seemed to be fully booked on the day we visited; queuing, camera deposit and seating procedure went smooth and we were glad to see the show start/end on time.

Halal family holiday in Phuket, Thailand with kids - Phuket Fantasea review
Halal family holiday in Phuket, Thailand with kids – Phuket Fantasea review

Location of Phuket Fantasea

Phuket Fantasea is located near the Kamala beach in Phuket. Because we stayed in the Phuket Laguna area, it took us about an hour to reach there.
For the people staying near Kamala or Patong beach area, the location of Phuket Fantasea is easily accessible.

I hope you found our review of Phuket Fantasea helpful for planning your Halal family-friendly vacation in Phuket, Thailand.
If you have already visited Phuket Fantasea with kids, let us know about your experiences. Also, we would be glad to add any important tips we missed out mentioning; which will be helpful for future Muslim family travelers like you and me.

Happy planning!

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