It is surely the scariest idea for majority of desi parents to make their beloved little ones sleep in kids bedroom. These are the special parenting milestones when mom guilt kills them the most. When deep down inside, their hearts long for the long lost comfortable sleep, but the fear of making their kids face some reality causes reluctance at the same time.

This year on our toddler’s 2nd and preschooler’s 4th birthday, we decided to give up the usual fancy birthday party and planned to get these naughty munchkins their own beds. With one month of discussion, preparation and survey, we found the best one-stop-shop for kids bedroom (Little Habitt)  that made them go crazy. At last they were ready to move into their room.

One day or the other they have to shift, keeping this in mind, let me guide you through simple steps to reclaim your bed that actually work.

4 Steps to Reclaim Your Bed

Develop Their Interest in Kids Bedroom

Develop their interest in the bedroom with DIY artwork, themed bed sheets or anything they might like. Take them shopping for room revamp or engage with them in making hand crafted art pieces for hanging on the walls or pinning to a soft-board. Here are a few of our favorite kids bedroom DIY ideas to get you started.

Letting them take a teddy or their favorite toy to bed is also helpful.

Kids bedroom ideas
Little Habitt Kids Furniture

Dedicate 1 + 1 Hours for Bedtime Prep and Story

The process of making kids sleep in their own room is tiring and requires a lot of patience. Don’t be hasty; involve your partner if you need extra help with story telling or preparation of regular bedtime rituals. Just make sure to repeat mentioning about them sleeping in their own room and that they are grown ups now.

You might as well doze off in their room a couple of times storytelling, but don’t worry, you both will eventually learn.

Assure Them Every Night – “There Are No Monsters”

Toddlers and preschoolers are more likely to imagine stories of monsters hiding somewhere in their room. Listen to their fears and calm them down every time you sense a hint.

Incorporating bedtime duas in their sleep routine helps develop a sense of security in them for lifetime. Additionally, encouraging them to sleep on their right side instead of left or on the belly prevents bad dreams according to several scientists and Mind Hacks blog.

Stick to a Routine

Last but not the least, consistency is the key. No matter how hard and tiring it is in the first few days, focus on your goal. Avoid attending late night parties and late morning schedule. Start your day as early as possible; explore activities for the day, and end the day max by 9 pm.

No matter how many times your kid shows up in your room in the middle of the night, take their hand and walk them back to kids bedroom without showing any pity or frustration.

We wish you best of luck for completing every parenting milestone with more joyous and less gloomy moments. We would love to read your experiences and tips on “how to reclaim your bed” in comments below.