With the spirit of resolution day spread all around, Pakistani brands have pleased everyone with their wonderful discounts in celebration. Some of the best discounts offered by brands that are our favorites are:


Khaadi sales are always a huge success and this time also Khaadi gave a 30% discount on selected items. Khaadi offers a wide variety of beautiful traditional clothes at reasonable prices, which gets even better with a good concession. This time their stocks are loaded, so no need to rush to a stampede. Keep calm and shop.


Junaid Jamshed always has the perfect lawn prints for mommies. They use the most beautiful and subtle colors in their prints and collections. In spirit of 23rd march they put up a grand sale in celebration with a flat 23% discount on all items available at the stores throughout the long weekend. The best part of the sale is that it isnt only limited to stores but was for their online store too.


This 23rd March in celebration of resolution day Gul Ahmed also came up with their own patriotic prints which are perfect for events in celebration of our green country. The best part was that these items were at reasonable rates with discounts up to 50% on selected items including accessories, men wear and much more.


Bonanza Satrangi is also a part of this 23rd march sale extravaganza with their spirits high. Their colorful and vibrant collection is available at discounts at up to 50% off till the 25th of March.


Oaks is one of the favorite places to shop for kids outfits and even mine because of the beautiful prints and styles available in all sizes. In the spirit of 23rd March Resolution Day, Oaks offered a 23% discount on the entire collection and all items including their kid’s collection.

So what are you waiting for ladies? Rush to your nearest outlets to stock up your spring closets for less.