Pattaya city, which is about a couple of hours outside Bangkok is one amazing place to be with kids. Forget all the rumors of nudity and sex trafficking you’ve previously heard about it, and go watch it yourself!
One of the best attractions in Pattaya for families is definitely Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark. No matter how old your kids are, a super duper fun-filled family day is guaranteed.

To be honest, visiting Cartoon Network Amazone water-park with kids was the highlight of our family holiday in Thailand last summer.
Since we had planned on sticking only to kids attractions in Thailand, we surely had the best time at this waterpark splish-splashing and swimming with our kids.

Here is a detailed review of Cartoon Network Amazone waterpark which is located in the recently developed cleaner part of Pattaya i.e. Jomtein.
There are a couple of more tourist attractions for families in this area, so if you’re wishing to stay away from the crowded areas of Pattaya Walking Street, then this area is good to stay in for families who require a little privacy and relaxing family time.

How to Get Tickets for Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark

Ideally, you should buy their tickets online from Cartoon Network Amazone’s official website here. However, if you’re not sure about when to visit, then ask your taxi/grab driver and they will get them for you. The local cab drivers usually get discounted tickets since they get some commission and special rates for bringing in new visitors.

Be sure to look out for packages that suit your family needs best. If you’re a big family with kids and are carrying lots of stuff, then you may want to rent a cabana, a locker or even a half-day ticket.
Since we just had a bag and our kids stroller, we grabbed a couple of pool chairs because we didn’t feel the need for a private cabana.

Kids' activities in Pattaya Thailand - Things to do in Pattaya for families - Visit Cartoon Network Amazone waterpark in Jomtein
Kids’ activities in Pattaya Thailand – Things to do in Pattaya for families – Visit Cartoon Network Amazone waterpark in Jomtein

Slides and Pools in the Kids’ Area

The kids’ section atmosphere is very family-friendly, and it is pretty big; so big that we didn’t have time to go to the adult slides.

As you can see in the picture above, it comprises of one huge collection of various entangled slides for kids of every age.
Also, there is a massive shallow pool at the bottom of the slides with a section where there is occasional bubble bath too.

Besides that, they also have a separate small 4ft deep pool for elder kids which is not very crowded.

Moving forward, you will come across a guided surfing zone and a gigantic wave pool which was the best attraction for us.
There were games, races, music, bubbles and absolutely any fun water activity that you can think of.

Crowds and Rush Situation

Since it’s tourist season in Thailand all year round, Cartoon Network waterpark is pretty busy all the time. However the earlier you reach, the better pool chairs and fewer crowds you will find on the slides and pools. Though crowds will not be bothering you much if all you want to have is fun.

Weather in Pattaya

Pattaya’s tropical weather is the same as most of Thailand’s sea-level regions, i.e. hot and humid. Providentially, it makes it best to enjoy all sorts of water activities such as waterparks and water sports at the beach.
Even in the worst possible situation, the water slides at the parks close down if it rains heavily, but you can still enjoy the pools with your kids.

Is Cartoon Network Water Park Pattaya Muslim Friendly?

The question of “How is Cartoon Network Amazone for Muslims” depends on every family’s individual needs. Well, every Muslim visitor has their own level of privacy and pardah requirements; but if you’re considering going to a family water park already, then you might be ok with the idea of it.

We did not find any disturbing nudity scenes in the kids’ area since there were only families enjoying with their kids.

With that said, you can rent a private cabana if you don’t feel much comfortable on the open pool chairs and can bring the covered burkini of your choice to wear at the pools. There are no restrictions on dressing, as long as you’re wearing swimwear material.

Moreover, there’s no need to worry about food, as there is one shawarma stall inside which serves delicious halal chicken shawarma wraps. The price was reasonable and we loved having it by the kids’ pool after a fun-filled, yet tiring splashy afternoon. The kids, however, were happy to eat french fries on the way back in the taxi because they were too busy inside the pools to think about food.

Women’s restrooms had Muslim showers, which is enough for us to count any place as Halal friendly. Also, the women’s shower and changing rooms were fairly OK to use.

In short, we had an amazing day at Cartoon Network Amazone waterpark and we’re sure you will love it too.
Let us know about any exciting waterparks you have been to in the comments below.
Happy holidays!