At one point, we had more number of strollers than the number of kids in our home.

Choosing the best stroller has been a quest since our first child was born almost 6 years ago. Every year we bought a new kind of stroller hoping it to be the best one, suitable for all journeys and that it could fit in every car too.

Although I mostly buy stuff after thorough research and reading product reviews, about two years back, before our annual summer vacation, with two toddlers (one 18 months, and the other 3.5 years old) we found the best twin stroller available in Karachi at Zubaida’s baby shop Bahadurabad. It was the only twin stroller/pushchair that had seats side by side instead of front and back.

I had never heard of the brand Joie before, but I was compelled to buy it instantly as every stroller feature was fitting into the exact criteria I was looking for.

Joie Aire Twin Stroller Features:

Smooth Stroll + Perfect Wheel Size

I am a huge fan of Graco strollers just because of their smooth stroll features. However, because Graco’s twin stroller was too long to fit in regular cars, I didn’t want to waste money on that.
Then I found Joie Aire twin stroller, which was equally convenient and smooth to walk with.

Besides comfortable seating during travel, it’s very important that your kids’ double buggy also adapts to all sorts of landscapes and ups and downs on the walkways. In that matter, I would give it a 9/10 rating for the ease of tilting and turning on footpaths and almost everywhere.

So far we have taken Joie Aire Twin stroller with us on about 4 international trips in Europe, Far-East Asia, and America too. And we’re pretty satisfied by its condition and the value for money.

Joie Twin Stroller Comfortable Seats

The seats for twins side by side on Joie twin stroller are quite comfortable too. Not only they have a reclining option for kids to nap on the go, but each seat also has its own separate sunshade as well.

Other than that, there are multiple types of seat belts to suit infants, toddlers, and kindergarten age kids, along with a soft rod in front to prevent them from slipping out.

Utility Basket in Twin Stroller

Traveling with kids is totally opposite to backpacking. Yes, you do need to carry a backpack, but with lots of other kids stuff at all times.
For all those snacks, the backpack itself, and random shopping you buy while traveling, this utility basket at the bottom of Joie twin stroller is very useful.
It is big enough to fit a couple of backpacks or almost anything at all.

Joie Stroller Sturdy Handle

The handle used for pushing the stroller is covered with a soft foam lining and is the width of the stroller, which makes the grip firm.

The Only Drawback of Joie Twin Stroller

The only thing that annoys us sometimes during entering and exiting airports with Joie twin stroller is its width. Because of the sideways seat arrangement, the stroller usually cannot pass through airport scanners, for which we have to load and unload it several times before boarding.

Also, because of its size being a little bigger than regular strollers, we always have to collect it from the oversized baggage belt which takes a few additional minutes.

Other than this, all the other features of this stroller are excellent. I just love to take it to malls, walking tours, big theme parks, and about everywhere.

Which stroller do you use for your kids and what are the key features you look for before buying a twin stroller. Let me know in the comments below 🙂