Things to Avoid While Going on Hajj and Umrah Journey

Just recently I over heard a woman advising another (about to travel) couple to stay as far as possible from desi’s in the Holy mosques on the entire Umrah trip. These words were a little offensive and thought provoking at the same time.

This is the reason why I jotted down a few annoying behaviours of our local fellows after remembering my personal experiences from the trip back in 2008 and 2012.

To those who are literate enough to read this, and for those who are not, to the travel group organizers and to all the individuals, this awareness session should to be held with every person going for Umrah/ Hajj so that we Pakistanis are looked upon by other nations with a little dignity and respect.

A few things that need to be worked on to develop civic sense before their journey are:

  • Pushing and Being Hasty

It felt as if I were in a stampede from the movie “The Lion King” where all the animals were running, without looking downward or sideways. It was a stampede of anxious women so eager to touch the golden grill of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)’s Roza, that they forgot who they were and to who they were going to meet. The pushing and jostling made the space nowhere near to how tranquil Riyad ul Jannah (piece of heaven) I had imagined.

No matter how congested the main attractions are, every person regardless of nationality and cast wants to be in the nearest circumference of them. Pushing and being hasty is seen as a mandatory common practice there.

Although the Holy place wipes out any negative thoughts coming in your mind, in my opinion shoving naked shoulders is not a decent thing especially for Haji’s.

  • Making Wudu from Zamzam Coolers

The worst way of filthying a masjid can be by spilling water on the crystal clean flooring. Some of the people who wish to spend all day praying inside Haram become so lethargic that they keep renewing their wudu from the nearest ZamZam coolers, even after being scolded several times, they just won’t give up.

  • Developing the Concept of Saff

Women going to masjids is not such a common practice in Pakistan, which results in them being less aware of ethics for being in that sort of place. One of the many bothersome things Desis do is make their own saff (row) as soon as the prayer starts when they can’t find their desired praying spot. They are so indulged in their passionate prayer that these worldly ethics do not matter to them.

  • Calling and Video-graphing while Performing Tawaf

Praying is the last act on Earth which should be photographed especially shooting your own self. However some Hajis want to update each and every bit of their life events to their friends and family so they try to broadcast live while performing tawaf and other ongoings. Not only they disturb the flow of others who are trying to concentrate on their prayer but they ruin their own precious time too. The domestic staff of Haram try their best to prohibit the use of cell phones inside, but these people don’t bother at all.

  • Managing to Find New Hiding Places for Food and Forbidden Stuff into Haram

These people’s minds work best when coming up with hacks. Every day they find new ways to sneak forbidden stuff inside haram. Sadly they feel proud of their accomplishment after doing so.