Houston is a popular landing spot for Desi’s whenever they visit USA, for it being densely populated with immigrants from all around the world. I found it pleasant in terms of climate, landscape and family-friendly atmosphere,  which made our two-week stay memorable while the kids enjoyed time visiting their granny.

Here are a few attractions for families where the kids can have fun too.

This extreme fun with learning space is super awesome. The whole family can have a great time here exploring different sections from science to arts and culture. The ticket cost us a bit too much as we were a group of 6 people, but $12 were worth spending for at least 2-3 hours of fun filled learning.

Timings: 10:00 am to 08:00 pm

Ticket: $12/person

Ave. time spent by visitors: 2-3 hours

  • NASA

Johnson space center sounds like a place for adults only, but thats not true. Being in a space center and seeing the space shuttles up close is one of the most interesting things that stuck in my toddler’s little mind.

Starship gallery, alien making, robot games and the ice cream maker robot hand were on top of the list of fun activities there for my kids. The day trip was kind of dream like, learning so much in such a short period.

  • Chucky Cheese

One of the most famous and the best joy-land for kids, it’s branches are widely spread across the city. No matter how many hours you spend here, the kids will never want to come out. You can buy as many coins and get lots of tickets for redeeming in return of toys. All the family had a wonderful time.

  • Kemah Boardwalk

One of the top tourist attractions, Kemah Boardwalk is located a little far from Houston city, but the distance doesn’t matter when it’s about having an exciting day.

The kids train tour is one of the several rides which toddlers enjoy the most. Another popular attraction is their play fountain where we cooled off after the hot long drive.

Being an adult, I had chance to ride on the most uniquely built on wooden frame yet electrifying roller coaster which left me dumbstruck for a few minutes while my husband screamed in joy the whole time.

Ideal time to visit is in the afternoon-evening, for the sun will tan your skin really bad as it’s right beside Galveston beach.

  • Houston Zoo

The Houston Zoo provides a fun, unique, and inspirational experience fostering appreciation, knowledge, and care for the natural world. It’s houses around 900 species of animals, ranging from reptiles to aquatic animals.

It is all stroller friendly, and is accredited the second most visited zoo in the US.

Best time to visit is morning if you want to see the animals in their happiest and most active mood or afternoon, as the last entry timing is 5 pm.

  • Wet n Wild splash town

One more cool spot for the kids in the heat is Wet n Wild Splash Town. Apart from the kids splashing in their Wet n Wild Jr. section, we loved it too admitting the fact that what pleases our kids most is all what matters. The Jr. section is toddler friendly, but the kids must be accompanied by adults at all times. Get your swimsuits from any nearby Walmart if you haven’t packed any, and splash in.

  • Downtown Aquarium

This fascinating space is unique in it’s own nature and attracts people of all ages. They have huge aquariums with several species of sea animals, tunnels and corridors where you want to stop for a moment and observe closely the under water wonders of nature. The most interesting spot was their stingray reef, where you can actually touch and feed stingray fish. Also their restaurant that’s covered with a massive tank is remarkable, although their prices are a bit high but that experience kind of pays off. If the kids aren’t tired enough then there is a small adventure park outside where they can enjoy rides and collect souvenirs.

  • Rainforest Cafe

This amazingly designed rain forest themed cafe is so eye-catching, you cannot simply walk past by it. Whenever we came across it in the malls, my toddler wont stop insisting until we got in there, took some pictures and buy them a souvenir animal toy. Their menu is quite big but choosing from Halal options we could eat from some of their starters such as Mozerella sticks, onion rings, tortilla chips, wide range of salads, and most importantly their coconut shrimp.