Once I read “There’s no such thing as Family Vacation, it’s just parenting in a different part of the world.” Even if 100% true, it has never happened after any vacation that I want to come back home, or I fail to miss how wonderful those days were after getting back to the routine again.

It is definitely frustrating sometimes traveling with toddlers, but I have some tips for prevention of such situations from the start, plus keeping your mind fresh, looking for alternate possibilities. Below are the things that you should never be dreaming about while traveling with your little ones:

  • Renting a bike

Might sound really tempting to explore the city like a local on bike, but lets face it, it’s almost next to impossible. So don’t waste time even thinking about it. Rather use your feet and a comfortable stroller to take small strolls everyday.

  • Eating at fancy and quiet restaurants

After all the mess and hullabaloo you have already faced a thousand times while dining out in your own city, you shouldn’t be bothering to go through it once again in a different part of the world too. Rather look for family friendly open spaces where the little ones can have a good time too instead of ruining the ambiance and your mood.

  • Worry-less time at the spa

Of course spas are mommies’ heaven, but that doesn’t mean endless carefree hours. No matter how fair your partner is about giving you some relaxing space, be prepared to enjoy 70% or even less of it unlike normal people, while the remaining 30% of the mind wonders what the kids must be doing or how many minutes of the massage are remaining. It’s OK, take whatever you can get and appreciate little things in life, only then you can enjoy.

  • Enjoying nightlife after 10

You might pull-off taking the babies out late night maybe once or twice, but trust me you don’t want to mess up their sleep routine every other night. Starting the day as early as possible will keep your energy running and the kids nap times in the right schedule.

  • Reading a book during the journey

Although a fine pastime for long journeys, reading a book is also one of the impossible things to do on the go with toddlers. However what you CAN do is read to them their favorite story books which will lessen their perkiness on long journeys and put off boredom too.

  • Choosing very early morning activities/ flights/ tours,etc.

Sure starting the day early makes you optimize the trip, but too early will make it hectic for both. 6:00 am flights/tours mean you have to be ready 2 hours early, which is not easy. Prioritize family comfort above all, after all vacations are supposed to be relaxing for all members.

  • Extreme water/other sports unless your accommodation offers babysitting facility

If you’re not settling for anything less, then search thoroughly for a hotel with babysitting facility. It’s very rare in some parts of the world, but wherever there are these activities you will find at least one or two good options. Remember, everything has a cost- be prepared to pay a little extra for your fun filled experience.

  • Budgeting for two instead of three

Don’t fool yourself by planning the budget for just two adults. You may think he is a tiny toddler who has traveled all the way on your lap as infant paying the tax only part of the ticket, but that’s not all the expense hes gonna cost you. The extra serving of fries you order for him and other similar little things add up to nothing less than half of an adult’s share of the total expenditure.