They often say the first impression is the last impression, well, that may not always be true if you give it a second chance. We tried United, American and Delta airlines on our last trip in the US in September 2016 and found all three of them on the same level of pathetic. Surprisingly, this time United Airlines didn’t treat us so bad throughout our Texas-California vacation. Or maybe we were prepared better this time.

After analyzing and correcting the mistakes that we did last time while booking our domestic flights within the US, our flight experiences with United airlines were actually pleasant this time.
So pleasant that I am willing to believe that our last flight from San Francisco to Houston was actually delayed for 3 hours just because of bad weather. LOL.

Anyway, realizing how our flight experiences are becoming better every year, now that our kids are finally starting to grow up, here are some factors that can affect your flight experiences for sure. Let’s take a look.

Factors That Can Certainly Affect Your Overall Flight Experience

Depends on Which Site You Used to Book Your Tickets

Now most of us either book tickets through third-party websites such as Skyscanner and cheapoair, or through a travel agent. Well, after years of experience we have found out that no other source can better than the airline’s official website to book your flights. 
Fare-compare websites might show you low fares in the beginning, but when you search the same flight through the official website you will not find any vast difference.

Secondly, those comparison website tickets are mostly non-refundable and the process of making changes to your booking is almost impossible. However, if you buy through official ticketing website the procedure is simple and convenient. 

Besides, while booking your flight through the official website, you actually get to see and choose which airplane you wish to fly on. The bigger the plane is, the better the seats and legroom are. 

Furthermore, official websites always have a few flight options that never show on those comparison websites. Who knows if the flight that suits your schedule gets filtered away.

Depends on Who You’re Traveling With

Every type of travelers’ needs differ from each other. A huge factor that affects your flight experience is who you’re traveling with, and things you might require on the flight. E.g. people who are flying with babies or elderly require a certain level of comfort and some extra facilitation such as warm milk, bassinet or maybe a blanket. A cold gaze from the flight attendant can easily ruin one’s mood for the entire flight.

Depends on Which Seating Class and Zone You Booked For

It’s not a coincidence if you always end up sitting on the wing or somewhere in the tail of the airplane. It’s the zone that you picked that was allotted for that certain fare type.
If your zone on the boarding pass indicates anything ahead of zone C, then good luck with the wing/engine view for all your Instagram shots šŸ˜‰
P.s. The tail seats often lie in zone E and F which are usually the seats sold on some kind of promotional fares that are non-refundable.

Depends on Which Aircraft You Chose to Fly On

Honestly, I would have never bothered to figure out the difference between a Dreamliner and an Airbus if I hadn’t searched my flights this timeIN DETAIL on United airlines website.
The often pathetic flights are the ones on the smaller airplanes where the squeezy legroom and the noisy flight leaves you tired and frustrated.
Whereas if you choose to fly on a bigger aircraft, you’ll be surprised to experience a vast difference between your flights.

Depends on What You’re Comparing It With

When people fly for the first time on domestic airlines they often compare their flight experience with their international long-haul flights. Well, let’s make things clear here first, do not ever compare international flights to the local ones since the airfare, allowances, meals, and almost everything is different.
With that said, if I start expecting every airline in the world to be like Qatar Airways; which is my favorite airline so far, then I’ll be left with no option to fly on. Therefore, try considering the local airlines like bus/train services, only then you’ll be able to compare properly.

Depends on What You Expect the Food to Be Like

Even if they do, it’s preserved boxed food that you do not need to buy at all.
Keeping that in mind, enjoy pretzels and juice, Bon Voyage! šŸ˜€

Keeping all of the above factors and flight reviews in mind, we hope that you will too find a way to keep your expectations low this time while booking your domestic flights within the USA.
Happy flying!