You might have heard about how awesome Universal Studios Hollywood actually is, but very few people complain about the high priced ticket. That is mostly because, after the trip, everyone is so awestruck by the amount of fun they had on their trip that they almost forget how much it really cost them.

The worst thing Universal Studios Hollywood ticket does to you is build up the pressure in your head about availing the value against that load of money you bought the ticket for. It may be cheap for some, but for us, it was definitely a lot, which is why we couldn’t enjoy ourselves to our mosts. Especially when you buy stuff in USD, the disturbingly high conversion rate makes you question whether all that fun is worth it.

When you finally choose the ticket type that suits all family members, several questions arise in your mind such as:
Can you get through Universal Studios in one day?
Is one day sufficient to see all of Universal Studios Hollywood?
What should I ride first at Universal Studios Hollywood?
How to ride maximum rides at universal studios Hollywood?
And so on…

The only way you can make an attempt to get through a 1-Day General Admission is by PLANNING YOUR DAY WISELY!
Happy faces after getting to ride the Simpsons 3D ride at Universal Studios Hollywood

We, as first-timers could do only 2 rides in total (Simpsons and Transformers), watch “special effects” show, and do a studio tour, along with one lunch break and a couple of hours at Super Silly Funland waterpark.
Other than that, we also managed to drink butterbeer at Harry Potter World, tour Hogwarts, meet Minions, enjoy shopping souvenirs and rest in shades occasionally. Not to mention after all this, we were dead tired, hungry, sunburnt, and had to drag ourselves home after a lot of effort.

Here are a few tips that we wish we knew before going to Universal Studios Hollywood with our little kids, which might have saved us some time that we wasted in taking the simplest decisions.

How to Manage Time at Universal Studios Hollywood with Kids

Be Realistic – Pick 3 Favorite Rides

Honestly speaking, you can’t do all rides in a single day with little kids at all! So don’t even think about it.
During summer vacations, every ride has a waiting line of more than 4ominutes, some even 60. Can you believe it!

To avoid disappointment, see the list of rides on Universal Studios Hollywood app and choose at maximum 3 rides that you want to enjoy, not more than that.

Use Child Switch If Your Child Is Not Old Enough to Ride

Choose a Relatively Less Busy Weekday

There are several websites where you can get an idea about which days are the busiest. This is the reason why 1-day general admission ticket prices also vary, depending on peak season.

After a lot of planning, we bought Universal Studios Hollywood 1-Day pass for $119/adult and $113/child for a Wednesday in the second week of June 2019, which was still cheaper than tickets sold at the gate.

Decide What to Eat Beforehand

For Muslims, there aren’t any halal food options to eat at Universal Studios Hollywood restaurants. The only couple of things you can have are fish n chips, or salads and fries.

Lucky enough, we knew exactly what we had to eat before going, so without wasting any time I headed over to Harry Potter World to get Fish n Chips from Three Broomsticks at around 2:30 pm, which was quite busy at that time. While waiting in the long line I got a chance to imagine myself actually being a student at Hogwarts 😀

Plan Time Slot for Super Silly Funland Waterpark Wisely

The best attraction in Universal Hollywood for the kids was the Super Silly Funland waterpark. I mean, it was an entire waterpark within a theme park!

Our kids went crazy after seeing the splash pad in the morning, just as much as I did, but since I knew they would get tired and hungry after bathing and playing, we delayed the splashing fun until 1:00 pm. Which also gave me the chance to stand in the long line for getting food, while papa bear watched the kids.

Prioritize and Plan Upper and Lower Lot Time Slots

Both, upper and lower lots are filled with exciting rides for children and adults both; however the tunnel that connects both areas takes about 15 minutes to cross each way. So once you’re downstairs, do whatever you want to do, and think of coming back up only once you’re done with it.
Just keep in mind, there is a lot more to do in the Upper lot as compared to the lower one so you should be spending your time wisely.

The tunnel connecting upper and lower lots at Universal Studios Hollywood
Lower Lot AttractionsUpper Lot Attractions
Wizarding World of
Harry Potter
Jurassic Park The Ride
Minion MayhemRevenge of the Mummy Ride
Super Silly Funland WaterparkTransformers 3D ride
NBC Universal ExperienceUniversal Studios Tour
Simpsons Krusty Land
Special Effects Show
Lots of Restaurants and
Souvenir Shops
Water World Show

Download Universal Studios Hollywood App for Checking Ride Wait Times Park Map

If you are in the right state of mind when inside the bustling park, use the Universal Hollywood app to find attractions and see ride wait times.

Know Where to Enter and Exit

Whether you’re using the park shuttle or calling Uber, know which gates you will be using to enter and exit the park. If you’re too confused, take help from the park map given at the entrance or use your Universal Studios Hollywood app to make your way in and out as there are designated parking lots and pick up points for rideshare and taxi services.

Do Take the Studio Tour and Watch Special Effects/Water World Show to Give Your Legs Some Rest

A tour of Universal Studios Hollywood is definitely incomplete without their famous Studio tour. The waiting lines are exhausting, but it’s all worth the wait.

The good thing about the shows and tours are that they give you an opportunity to take a break from walking and standing in the scorching heat, which is very much needed every couple of hours when you’re with kids in LA.

Reach Early!

The online purchased ticket gives you access to the park half an hour before the gates open, i.e. usually at 8:30 am rather than 9:00 am. Some rides don’t open until 10:00 am, but you can still do lots before that. Use that time for having breakfast peacefully or for taking photos in the crowd-free park.

Drop at Park Entrance Rather Than Universal City Walk Entrance

Universal City Walk is surely attractive and is the place to be if you have a lot of spare time, however, if you only have One Day General Admission Ticket, then maybe leave city walk for later. It’s free, mostly shopping and restaurants so you can come over whenever you want to later some time.

We hope that after reading all these little tips, you will be able to avoid wasting time and avail your 1-day pass to the fullest.
The key to a happy vacation is always planning wisely, and trust me, like everyone else, you won’t regret spending on entertainment!