As we planned our short trip to Niagara falls last year just before the starting of autumn, every person we told started a discussion on how amazing the Canadian side view of the falls was, which made us unhappy until we actually visited it ourselves. 

Setting up the itinerary towards “on the go” side of the bar is never feasible when traveling with little kids, and that’s why we didn’t think about getting Canadian visa in the first place. What we and our Canadian friends understood eventually was that there might be more activities such as casinos and amusement stuff on the their side, but US side offers more stuff to enjoy the Majestic Falls.

  • Beautiful Walkway

There is this beautiful walkway on the US side which starts from the Prospect Point area, stretching up to the horseshoe falls, going through the goat island (which you can skip) and to the three sister islands. You can take a stroll on it enjoying the weather and occasional water vapor on spots it crosses the channels of the river that falls into US and horseshoe Niagara falls. There are snacks and souvenir stalls on the way and the best part is that every path is great for strollers and wheelchairs. I collected some orange and red shaded maple leaves from the ground for my mother on the way, (she loves autumn shades).

The pedestrian bridge marked in red is the most interesting part of the walk, in which you can get a close look at the river rapids underneath you. The peaceful sound of water flow is actually soothing.

Niagara Falls map
  • Cave of the Winds

Taking the cave of the winds tour was one hell of an experience! I would highly recommend it to every visitor, unless below 8 years or people who have difficulty in walking and climbing stairs, because there’s a lot of them. The ticket is about $14, in which raincoat and slippers are given, but be prepared to get wet all over as the water finds it’s way inside the coat because of too much pressure at the hurricane deck. Words can’t describe the awesome experience, this video below might.


  • Observation Deck

If you’re too poor to afford the tickets to Maid of the Mist ferry or too lazy to climb the stairs towards cave of the winds or walk up to the horseshoe falls, then just head up to the observation deck and enjoy the beautiful view of both the waterfalls in just $1.

  • Maid of the Mist ride

The ferry ride from both the sides is exactly the same, going on the same route, so basically both side parties go into the horseshoe part and the US part, get wet, and almost touch the falls ?. Don’t worry about the kids, you will get raincoats of every size and your kids will love it.

  • Behind the wall (Canadian) is nothing compared to Cave of the Winds (US) tour

The cave of the winds is much more exciting than just getting your hand wet in the “Behind the falls”. That $14 ticket is worth spending if you’re a nature lover.