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Why Vacation Rentals Are Better for Family Travel

Vacation is the time when you (perhaps after a busy year) want to relax and sleep peacefully on a big bed while your children need space to play freely. With all this, it becomes even harder to look for a hotel which of course falls within your budget and satisfies every family member’s needs. Well, traveling as a couple was way easier because we didn’t need much except a clean affordable hotel; all that mattered was the exciting journey. However, after having kids, we have to tick on uncountable filters while searching for hotels, which narrow our chances of finding the best one.

Families need a spacious, welcoming and comfortable environment, which is kind of difficult to find in a hotel. This is why I prefer opting for family vacation rentals for trips that are more than 3-4 night stays, especially in expensive cities.

After going through a fake apartment booking scam in Manhattan last summer, we came across Airbnb app which was way too safe, reliable and amazing. Let us guide you why we think it is awesome in many ways.

Caution! I will only talk about Airbnb and no similar website because of its excellent reputation, safety, and reliability.


Vacation rentals through Airbnb accommodate all kinds of budgets; from renting an apartment for a night, a castle for a week or even a villa for a month. It is way cheaper than hotels in tourist cities like London, Paris and New York. The accommodations they offer are the properties of city’s locals, which is why you get a wide variety of places to stay in that fit in your criteria and budget.

Feels Like Home

The most important thing that needs to be taken care of is that the environment is comforting for the entire family. Because the vacation rentals are the private property of the locals, they have a welcoming and family-friendly environment.

For me, staying in a hotel room means keeping the bra on throughout the day because you never know when the housekeeping staff might knock on the door with some important question or a stack of towels. Whereas in your private rented space, you are free to relax, cook, sleep without any disturbance.

Also, unlike most hotels, homes have a kitchen with basic cooking utensils which are a total blessing if you have a toddler with you. Cooking oats, mashed potatoes or even “khichri” becomes easy for packing a toddler meal box for your day tour.

Safe and Reliable

The process of booking rentals through Airbnb is absolutely safe and reliable. You need not worry about getting busted at the last moment or your personal information being misused. All property owners are verified and you can check reviews of the host before booking. Besides, you yourself also have to get your ID and passport verified through the site with a quick and easy process for booking your favorite space.

The Place is All Yours

Staying locked up in one hotel room sometimes gets kind of boring for kids. After busy touring days, one might like a day full of relaxing home-time which is only possible if you have an entire place to yourself. Airbnb gives you a great facility of being free around the house without any snag of interference. Some houses also have backyards, attics, and terraces where your kids can play around freely.

Pure Hospitality

Along with all the benefits, Airbnb hosts welcome you warmly which is always adored by families. Besides, you get a chance to interact with new people. These hosts are also free concierge when you need assistance regarding exploring the cities like a local. They give you tips and tell you about unique places to visit that suit your family requirements.

The Choice is Yours

Selecting a hotel in such a narrow search criteria is almost impossible. Not only hotels with so many facilities exceed your budget, it is also difficult to travel in a country where people speak a different language. Airbnb also accommodates your need for a comfortable relationship with the host. It allows you to select the language of the host and the place of stay is provided accordingly.

Families like ours prefer Airbnb over hotels, especially in expensive cities like New York, Chicago, etc. as family vacation rentals. They are way more comfortable and satisfying.

You can also download Airbnb app or simply book yourself an amazing place to stay on their website.

As we say in every article, family travel is challenging but doable. If you follow the little pieces of advice given by frequent travelers, I assure you; your family vacation will be delightful and memorable.