Malmo is the third largest city in Sweden and has pleasant weather as compared to other parts of Sweden which are really cold. As an international student in Sweden, I lived in Malmo for some time and loved every bit of it. Here are a few tips to help you out if you are planning to visit Malmo soon.

1. Getting Around

The transport system is remarkable in Malmö. Buses and trains are always on time and every place is well connected by public transport. You can buy tickets on the bus, from Skånetrafiken office or from general stores.I recommend buying a bus card that can be used in buses as well as in trains in whole skåne region. Travelling by bus card is a lot easier than buying tickets for every trip. It is rechargeable and cheaper if you are using buses daily.I used to travel to Lund which is a small neighboring town by train every day using that card. Despite having great transport system most people use cycles in Malmö to travel to short distances.

2. Finding Halal Food

Finding Halal food is super easy here because there is a huge number of Muslim immigrant families residing in Malmö. You can find amazing food at cheap prices. Doner Kebab is very popular and people are in love with it here. Falafel wraps and kebab pizza is the yummiest and cheapest halal foods you can get while in Malmö. A Falafel wrap can cost around 25 to 30 Sek while kebab pizza is 50 Sek which is cheap, compared to Swedish restaurants offering delicious, yet costly food. Swedish Meatballs (Kotbuller) is the most popular dish of Sweden which is eaten nationwide. But if you are looking for Halal food, Swedish meatballs are not for you. Kebab pizza is one of the most mouthwatering things and is a must eat .I never found a kebab pizza anywhere else as good as they make in Malmö local pizzerias.


3. Tourist Attractions

  • Oresund Bridge:

Oresund Bridge connects Denmark and Sweden. It is a connecting road as well as a train bridge that takes us from Copenhagen to Malmö in about 20 minutes by train. There are frequent trains that leave for Malmö using Oresund Bridge from Denmark. This bridge is a stunning example of engineering and architecture between these two countries. It is a must see if you are visiting Malmö.

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  • Kungsparken

If you want to enjoy a warm sunny day in Malmö, get yourself a good book and head to Kungsparken.It is a beautiful green park where one can relax and be lost in nature escaping the hustle and bustle of the city.

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  • Malmö city hall:

City hall is an impressive beautiful brick building which amazes us with its architecture and beauty. This old building is located in the center of the city and a good place to visit.















  • Malmö city library:

Malmö city library or stadsbibliotek is one of my most preferred places to spend time in Malmö. It is one of the most beautiful libraries you will see. You can have everything you need to work on your assignments or study at this library. It has a huge number of book collections for the public, computers with internet access, public Wifi, photocopying, printing facilities almost everything one could ask for. Great reading rooms, separate rooms for those who want to work alone even at the library. The glass walls offer a beautiful view of outside. It has a café too where you can treat yourself with coffee and snacks. Do try the cafe’s cheescake, it’s the most amazing cheesecake you can ever have.

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7.Turning Torso:

Turning Torso is a stunning skyscraper located in Malmö.It is a marvel of amazing architecture. This tower seems twisting because of its design. It’s a must see!

8.Malmö Arena:

The most happening place in town is Arena. All sorts of events take place in there from sports to dramas and concerts. It is a huge facility to accommodate a huge number of people for matches, has an awesome sound system.


It is my most favorite place to get fresh fruits and vegetables. You can get them from a store like Willy’s or City gross but at Mollen square you can find fresh fruits and vegetables at very reasonable cost. It is a square with a farmers market, restaurants, and specialty shops that sell typical Asian food items used in Asian cuisine. Once I needed some bean sprouts and a brand of Chinese dried soup packet for a hot pot party and only found at Mollevangstorget.









(Image sourceö/mollevangen/)

These are just a few of my favorites. Enjoy your stay in this beautiful city which is listed among the happiest cities in the world.

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Asra Shakaib