Have you ever wondered why our generation of moms – the so called millennials- are routinely referred to as guilty moms? And it is no one but us who coined this term. Our mothers or grandmothers were the good moms, the super moms. But we are routinely plagued by this guilt.

The guilt of not finding enough fulfillment in raising our kids, the guilt of not feeling content with just being stay-at-home moms, the guilt of leaving our children behind when we go off to work, the guilt of not feeling the sympathy for our husbands after they had a tough day at work, because let’s face it, we probably had it much worse!

Majority of our maternal ancestors were solely focused on child rearing and child bearing. They were raised to have only one aspiration- to be an obedient wife and an adoring mother.

We on the other hand want to explore the realms of our abilities and not be chained to the house work. We want to be independent, nonchalant and maybe even selfish at times.

Alas, this in-built maternal instinct routinely gives us a kick in the gut reminding us of our foremost priority-our babies. Whether we stay at home or go out to work, the guilt goes with us.

But take a good look at your kids; if they are happy, fed and clean, you are doing a damn fine job!

So rein in the guilt and learn to live with it. Because no matter what, we will never be satisfied by being mere domestic goddesses; we would always want to rule the world!