As a mom, getting your makeup done isn’t always as pretty as it looks. I’m pretty sure every mom can relate to doing their makeup in cars, bathroom stalls and even at parent-teacher meetings. That is why I prefer carrying the essentials in a small makeup pouch to look less hung-over. Some of the essentials that I like to carry are small and convenient so that it isn’t such a big hassle creating your look.

Sephora CC Cream

The first essential inside my makeup pouch is Sephora CC cream which works like pure magic on the skin. It hydrates and also has the ability to camouflage pores; it’s completely natural coverage is best for moms to look fresh and young. The best part of this product is the small and pocket-friendly packaging which could be slipped into the side pockets of baby bags or makeup pouches.

J. Note Blush

To give my cheeks a subtle natural blush I prefer using luminous silk compact blusher 02 from Junaid Jamshed’s recently launched makeup line. The product is certified Halal and looks extremely natural yet beautiful on the skin. The blush powder is packed in a small round container which makes it convenient to reach and carry when in a hurry. The packaging also is good to fit into small makeup pouches.

Color Studio Kohl Addict Pencil

For us Pakistani ladies, makeup is considered incomplete if there isn’t any Kajal to compliment our Desi look. I prefer using Color Studio Kohl Addict Kajal pencil which gives your eyes a fierce look, especially when you need to give that mom glare lol.

The Kajal is easy to apply and is long lasting so that you don’t have to give it a touch up when moving from one place to another.

NYX Doll Eye Mascara

The most important product in a mom’s makeup pouch is always mascara. The best mascara that I have used as far is from NYX. The creamy smooth texture of the product is able to hide all those missing and bent lashes, behind just one coat and enhances the eyelashes in just two-three strokes.

NYX Lip Butter

As a mom, the hassle of lipsticks is usually not a good idea, because you never know when your toddler suddenly has an urge to rub their hands on your face or if you have a mirror for applying lipstick inside the lips and not elsewhere. This is why as a mom I prefer using lip balm. The best is the NYX lip butter which is available in a variety of fruity colors. It moisturizes the lips perfectly and gives a subtle pluck and glow.

Garnier Makeup Wipes

Besides these makeup pouch essentials, it is always wise to carry makeup wipes. Garnier makeup wipes are my favorite so far. They are soft on the skin and remove your makeup in seconds.

Other than that, my makeup pouch contains hairpins, a travel hairbrush, and last but not the least a small mirror because you never know when you wonder women have to report for duty and should be prepared for any surprising situations.