I remember the time when I used to get excited about trips with family and friends. The feelings that used to arouse before the night of departure, thinking of all the adventures and loads of pictures in different poses. I was always focused on my destination and didn’t have time to think about how much of a nightmare long-haul flights could be.

Well, things did change after I gave birth to the 2 most exciting creatures on the face of the earth. Now all that brews up in my mind the night before is, are there enough wipes in the bag? Is the milk enough? I think I should keep more clothes for the toddler, I think this is a bad idea. The worst part is the long-haul flight when traveling to the West. When the journey is full of whining kids and the free advice from the fellow passengers. C’mon people! Give it a rest – I can handle this!

This is why I prefer long-haul flights with stopovers. The tiredness and jetlag always result in the whole family being drowsy, and the kids cranky by the time we reach our destination. Qatar Airways for this matter has been my favorite airline for family travel for the last couple of years. As a parent, I think the trio of world’s top airlines; Qatar, Emirates and Etihad, all are doing an excellent job making long-haul flights for families easier.

Benefits of Long-Haul Flights with Stopovers

Freshen Up

Stopovers are essential when you’re traveling with kids. For long-haul flights from East to West or vice versa, the extra-long hours you have to spend in the aircraft are near to suffocation, especially for toddlers.

A great example is a stopover at the Hamad International airport at Doha which if you are traveling by Qatar Airways. These kinds of mega-airports offer a large variety of refreshing facilities like grand lounges, sleeping rooms, spa & foot massage kiosks, coffee cafes, smoking lounges, and of course the shops.

Have a Good Meal

Stopovers at mega-airports like Hamad International offer an amazing variety of Halal restaurants and fast-food chains. Freshly prepared dishes served in these restaurants are heaven compared to the in-flight meals. After returning from a holiday in USA or Europe, one can’t resist having one of these Halal blessings!

Let the Kids Breathe

Always remember during family travel, comfort matters the most; Because you have no idea in how many ways the trip can make you want to jump off the airplane window if the kids are uncomfortable during the flight, in means of food, sleep or even the environment. From the behavior and staff service, quality of the food, the comfort of the seats and the fellow passengers, everything matters.

In addition to the facilities mentioned above, Hamad International airport also has a huge play place which is a great source of entertainment and physical activity for the kids. It helps them stretch, exert loads of energy to sleep during the following leg of the trip and gives a chance to the parents to relax as well.

Cleanliness Matters

As a mom, changing diapers and disposing of vomit bags is necessary because you don’t want the other passengers to be uncomfortable. For this purpose, family washrooms found only in mega Middle-Eastern airports are a special gift for family travelers.

If you’re a family with young kids, it is always better to choose an airline for your long-haul flights that have at least one stopover. It will break your journey by providing a window to freshen up before you reach your destination.