Believe it or not, moms are the only creatures on Earth who should love Mondays. While the rest of human species mourn over their Monday blues, moms enjoy spending mornings with coffee in peace. No matter if it’s stay at home or a working mom, two consecutive days of haphazard events, no routine and spoiling the kids are more than enough to handle.

Moms should love Mondays because:

  • They love a clean house

They want to put things back in place and in right order. No matter how lazy or not so “fine-fingered” the mom is, she is the one who looks after the house.










  • They love being the alpha

Weekend is the time when grandparents and the fathers usually take over the responsibility to spoil the kids in every possible way.  It is a necessary break for the kids and their moms, however by Sunday evening it turns out a bit too much to handle and there is a need to put things in the right order.









  • They can complete the chores without interruption










  • They can pretend to be a sane person for a while







  • They like to feel accomplished

As if anyone else would ever acknowledge their efforts. Doesn’t matter, they still feel like they have conquered the world by clearing up the weekend mess.












  • They can finally breathe in peace for a couple of hours








  • They want to switch to their productive mode








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