Winter vacation is just around the corner, which is why now is the perfect time to plan it. With airline discounts and hotel deals flying in from every corner, nothing could be better than grabbing the opportunity. Although a week and a half seem too less to travel abroad, trust me, 8-10 days are just enough to refresh yourself for the next semester.

Because we’re a Muslim Pakistani family with a toddler and a preschooler; pleasant weather and availability of Halal food on our family vacation destination are two major concerns for us.

We have shortlisted 5 winter vacation destinations for 2017. These places are ideal for this holiday season in terms of kids’ attractions, weather, budget and ease of finding Halal food. Additionally, a week and a half are just enough to cover top tourist attractions of each one of them.

South Africa

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With mid-range temperatures of 20 to 25-degree Centigrade in December, South Africa is a great choice for your family vacation this season. Besides the beautiful cities and amazing safaris at South Africa’s national parks, you can enjoy the African cultural heritage at its best.

In the big cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg, it is much easier to find Halal food than you think. Thanks to the 2% Muslim population residing in the country and our very own Halal food guide – You can easily find Asian, Mediterranean, Fast Food and Indian restaurants almost in every area in Cape Town.


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When you’re in a Muslim country, there’s no need to worry about your meals. Saving time and effort, in Indonesia, you get more time to enjoy the tropical weather with playful splashes of rain. The diverse cultural destinations and heritage of Indonesia offer spectacular views of their famous or secluded spots, whichever suit you best.

The average temperature of Indonesia in December is 27-degree centigrade which is quite pleasant for us Pakistanis.

Whether it be the amazing water and theme parks of Jakarta or the picturesque islands like Bali, Indonesia is prepared to handle all your family holiday entertainment.


Loaded with entertainment opportunities for every age group, Dubai is one of the top winter vacation destinations to enjoy New Year’s fireworks. To our advantage, it is also the largest Halal food hub that has world-class restaurants for every cuisine.

Dubai’s endless entertainment facilities include amazing water parks, theme parks, world-class dining and shopping, water sports and a lot more.

The average temperature throughout December is 26-degree centigrade, which is ideal to enjoy the outdoors, parks or perhaps a stroll at The Walk JBR if you like. The best part is when you’re visiting Asian countries with little kids; you will be treated as privileged at every step of your journey.


Singapore is home to one of the most beautiful skylines in the world. From Gardens by the Bay to Lego Land and Universal Studios, it has endless kids entertainment activities and open spaces, which makes it a must visit family vacation destination.

The mean weather of Singapore in December is 26-degree centigrade, perfect to enjoy the family parks or eating outdoors. You will be surprised to know that Muslim residents in Singapore make up to 14% of the total population. This is why finding Halal food of all sorts is super easy for tourists like us.

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Saudi Arabia

Visiting Saudi Arabia for performing Umrah in a comparatively less crowded time like December is a great idea. 10 days of winter vacation are enough to make the little ones familiar with our holy places. Besides, December’s pleasant weather is way much bearable than summers’, especially for kids.

You will be surprised to know that there are a few hotels near Haram such as Dar Al Tawhid, Makkah Millenium and Fairmont which have kids’ clubs for your toddlers. Now isn’t that a “must grab” opportunity to perform Umrah with less hassle?

We will be glad to know about other destinations that you think would do perfectly for winter vacations this year.